5 fact about keyword research – How your page is ranking on Google?

By | April 29, 2017

Keyword research is very delicate and critical when it comes to SEO(Search engine optimization). If you have a website then you really care about your keyword that you have selected for your blog post.

Add-heading 5 fact about keyword research - How your page is ranking on Google?

5 fact about keyword research – How could keyword tool help to Blogger, freelance writer and SEO companies.

 You might usually do all your keyword research in order to keep your website in the first position of page rank. Only selecting good keyword is not enough to keep your page on top but you cannot ignore keyword research. It vital part of the SEO it should be considered seriously.

This article is not about drawback or demerit of keyword research. Keyword research is always a major role play when it comes to Seo. It is all about a myth that most of the blogger keep in their mind especially beginner’s. Most of the blogger and freelance writer write an article and do some keyword research and publish the article and assuming that it will start to generate traffic but the keyword is not only the factor to get good traffic. The keyword can increase traffic but it is not all about SEO.

We will discuss the facts of keyword research and how keyword helps you to rank on Google and also see how Could keyword tool help to freelance writer and SEO companies.

Today I will discuss 5 facts about keyword research but before that let me discuss few basic thing about keyword research.

Confusing terms for a beginner- let’s clear before you read this article.

SEO– Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine term refers to- Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu and more… (where you type keyword in order to get you search result)

Backlinks — Links to your page from other sites on the Internet are called backlinks.

PageRank — This is a proprietary measure used by Google to indicate how much authority a page has based on incoming links (backlinks) from other sites on the Internet.

Index– The index is a database collected by the search engine in order to publish properly.once the content is indexed it can be popup on user demand.

Sitemap — It is a type of file which is directly associated with your website in the form post, page, categories. sitemap collect all the data from your website in order to index properly.

Search Engine Result Page (SERP) — The page on which the search engine displays the results of a visitor’s search.

Generic keyword– Generic keyword refers to short keywords such as one two and three word.

Online visibility generally refers to long tail keywords which more likely to see if the similar keyword or closely related to typed by the visitor this also include the generic keyword as well.

 Note- This is just a general definition for beginners if you want to understand these term deeply, kindly research these term individually in details 

Let me just brief you about keyword because I know there are people who hardly know about the keyword.

The keyword is a phrase or sentence that is used to maintain visibility on search engine.  In another word, we can say it is the title of an article which we use to rank on the search engine but the trick is that you have to select word wisely so it can be rank high on search engine.

There are numbers of factor involved to select word appropriately.

I think for beginner or newcomer in SEO, it is enough details for you to understand.

Come to the point…

So I was talking about the keyword research. Why keyword research is important why it is important to SEO point of view.


If you are a blogger then selecting right keyword is always a challenge. I am talking about those who are not from tech background but love to publish a blog post on their own niche. No matter from which background you belongs to but SEO always plays an important role to every blogger but very few of them really know how keyword work according to Google algorithm.

Google algorithm is very vast and complex to understand but if we will understand some basic root map then it would be easier for us to select potential keyword according to our niche.


This article is all about keyword research. 5 facts you should know about keyword research.

  1. Good keyword boosts your page rank on the search engine but it doesn’t mean that you will magically stand on the 1st position.

If you have done a fabulous job, in that case, your page visibility could be 100%. Visibility 100 percent doesn’t mean page rank gone high and you will start getting heavy traffic. That’s not the case. After all these stuff you will still miss good traffic flow on your website. The good keyword can improve search result but cannot increase traffic. If you want to increase traffic then you need to look at whole Seo aspect.

Now why you will not get bomber traffic if you did good keyword research…..

I am sure you will ask this question. Let me explain to you why you won’t get bomber traffic.

When you do keyword research then I am sure you generally use Google keyword planner tool because it is free. There are people who also used paid tool but they are expert and they know what they are doing. They generally don’t miss any single opportunity to rank their page high. but they are not only limited to keyword research they do a lot of other stuff to rank their page.

So when you do keyword research you might select long tail keyword. so it could be easier to convince the audience to read your articles. Long tail keyword is also helped search engine to keep your page on top position because of its specification.

Now if you choose a Short keyword which is more generic. Google find difficulties to keep on top because it is a generic keyword. The competition will always high on search engine. Let take an example if you type mobile phone then the result will be on billion. It is very difficult for search engine to select specifically Mobile phone.

Google generally take those keywords which are highly referred by another website. This job is performed through backlink.

A backlink is something we don’t want to miss out if we are doing proper SEO. A backlink is a reference link which you will find on most of the websites. So if a keyword such as awesome mobile phone on 2017 is on top it means this keyword has a good number of backlink. A backlink is a very vast topic so I cannot go ahead and explain each and everything right now.

I can cover this backlink topic next article. Kindly stay in touch with us we will update you with interesting fact and figure related to digital marketing.


As I said on top page visibility could be 100%. You will stand on top position for your specific keyword that you have selected for your blog post. You will only stand on top when someone types 70% of character which is on keyword title.

It means your page will be on top when 60-70% of character will be typed. If you want to stand on top position so even someone typing the generic keyword you will still visible to them… for that you have to do Proper SEO.

Let understand with example through this images


kg05-1024x470 5 fact about keyword research - How your page is ranking on Google?


  1. The keyword can only help search engine to understand where your article should place on the search result.

If you have done the awesome job then there is more likely to search engine to place your article on 1st page and on 1st position for that specific article. let’s take an example my keyword is facts about Ptc sites. When I type this keyword it will be higher possibility that my keyword will rank on top because I typed 60 percent of the character of my keyword. If I have done SEO properly and search engine indexed my page. The result will be on 1st page. 

kg04-1024x474 5 fact about keyword research - How your page is ranking on Google?

Now if I type generic keyword of my article

Then it might possible that my page could rank on top. If not then my competitor have done a better job than me that’s why their page on top, not mine.

Now when I type generic keyword my position has changed. Now am at 32 positions on 4 pages of Google.

You can see the image.

kg03-1024x472 5 fact about keyword research - How your page is ranking on Google?


This is only because my I have done on-site page SEO very well but I missed out my off-site SEO.

 The keyword can put you on top but not responsible for traffic.


  1. Adwords can increase traffic but it will not go to boost your SEO.Untitled-design-1 5 fact about keyword research - How your page is ranking on Google?

I have seen people who created a website and start promoting the site through AdWord.

Before I go further let me brief about Google AdWord

Google AdWord is a paid promotion tool which helps businesses to promote business through paid keywords. You can promote any content or product which you want to showcase in front of the audience. You have to create a Google account and have to recharge your account in order to promote your keywords. Whenever someone clicks on your paid keyword, money will deduct automatically from your Google account.

So in this way, you can get traffic on your website but it will be not going to enhance your SEO. It means you won’t get traffic regularly.

Google AdWord is a great tool but it will only benefit you if you use this tool wisely. This tool works great to those who have their own product to promote especially if your product is expensive and you know who is your target audience. This tool is not for those who is promoting someone product.



4.keyword research technique only works great if it will be done nicely.

Most of the time people research keyword on typing their niche keyword example: copper wire. When they get the various result of copper wire on the search engine they generally select one of the keywords which will show on top. They make little changes and used it for their own article. Different people have different ideas to do their work but if we follow the right way then we can make it little smoother…..right?

So for keyword research, there is a number of tools available in the market. Google keyword planner and keyword.io are absolutely free to use but they have certain limitation. If want great result then you should go for









These are paid tool but you can try their free trial offer. Every individual website has their own free trial duration you can check their website for latest offers.


These tools will not only help to find rich keywords but it will also help to see your competitors backlinks and more exciting features which can take your website to the next level.

As said different people have their different ideas to execute. Some people find keyword differently so don’t sticks with one method. keep on learning. Wherever you get the best ideas try to apply but be sure before you apply because there are lots of bogus websites which make people fool.



5.Eye catchy keyword and sensational types work great but the search engine doesn’t understand these ideas.

top10-1024x637 5 fact about keyword research - How your page is ranking on Google?

Eye catchy and sensational terms used for words like top 10, killer ideas, shocking, awesome and much more….

These types of words work great but just to get viral through human, not from the search engine. The search engine only understands indexed pages, numbers of backlinks attached, PR rate and stuff like this. So when you use the keyword like this don’t forget to indexed your post to search console. Your post indexed automatically by search engine but if you won’t find you post on search result kindly indexed your post soon. Site mapping is also very important. So make sure do sitemaps.

If you do sitemaps on Goggle, Bing, and Yandex then u need not worry. Once you do sitemap search engine automatically index your content.



keyword research is very important part of SEO. Keyword research is the first step that we do on SEO. We can’t ignore it but the keyword is not only one factor to get heavy traffic.

I have seen people complaining about SEO strategies. They think that writing content and does some keyword research can bombard traffic on their website. This is not true.

If you want good quality traffic then kindly look at the other aspect of SEO. Social media engagement, backlink building specifically dofollow backlinks, proper sitemap, site speed I mean loading time of your website, social sharing and many more action required to build a high-value potential website.

If you have any question or feedback regarding this kindly let me know in the comment box. I would be more than happy to answer your queries. If like this article kindly shares to others as well.


20 thoughts on “5 fact about keyword research – How your page is ranking on Google?

  1. Ivan Palii

    Thanks, Vikash! Great overview with important details. What do you think about our internal keyword research tool as http://kparser.com?

    Our team has developed it for own needs. But our colleagues have loved it in one day. So, we are happy to share it with everyone seo master. I’ll be happy to see your conclusion about our tool.

    1. Vikash kumar Post author

      Thank for the appreciation Ivan.
      I have reviewed this website. I think it is working really great. It is difficult to for me to compare with SEmrush, Ahrefs, or other keyword research tool.
      But I know, with the time it will be going to the good one if you will consistently update.
      good work!
      All the best

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  3. Shanda Auguste

    This has actually been really one of the top blogs i have read. It was actually very informative.Looking ahead for more blogs of this in near future

  4. Haywood Spiotta

    Really good information in this post , I will share it on my blog to.

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    1. Vikash kumar Post author

      Hi M A Hasan,

      The best way to target less competition is by using tools like SEMrush / Ahrefs / or you can try Spyfu, this is the best tool to see all the things related to the keyword at this time.

      Right now, the competition is very high these days. Only targeting right keyword is not enough. You have to take care the whole attribute of the blog post such as LSI, Keyword Density, numbers of a word that you will put on the article and much more.

      You are going on the right track, but you need to consider the other aspects as well.

      keep it up.

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  7. Ashok Kumar Sonawat

    Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail,the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles

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  9. deepapriyaabp

    Let’s put it simple: if you want to be successful online,

    you need targeted traffic, and the best way to drive targeted

    traffic to your pages is with good search engine rankings.

    However, if you want to generate traffic from the search

    engines, your pages must appear on the first results page

    for the keywords and phrases you target… )

    1. Vikash kumar Post author

      Yes, it is true that you should be at the top of the search results in order to drive huge traffic to your website. Every search engine has its own algorithm to prioritize content to put at the top of search results, however, the quality of the content and the use of SEO in it are also one of the important parameters, to rank at the top of the search results.

      Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

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