11 Facts About PTC Sites: A complete information about PTC Sites

By | December 1, 2018

PTC sites always an easy roadmap for a newcomer in the internet world. Very less percentage of people really knows about PTC sites. How viewing ads will work if you want to earn.


11 Facts about PTC sites: How viewing ads will work if you want to earn.

PTC sites generally mean online income or I can say PTC provides a platform to someone who wants to earn money without any technical skill. Knowingly or unknowingly you are helping PTC sites to generate traffic for their advertiser and in return, they are paying to you.

But how this online income works, we will also look at some facts and what are the pros and cons we will see here.


PTC sites mean: What is PTC site?

Click to Pay (PTC) is an online business that allows users to earn money through viewing ads. PTC websites act as intermediaries between advertisers and consumers (users); the advertiser pays to display advertisements on the PTC website, and a portion of this payment goes to the viewers when they watch the ads. There are certain payments for PTC sites that we will see below.

Let’s check it out.

But Before that, we will understand how PTC site works through this image:

Grab-a-coffee 11 Facts About PTC Sites: A complete information about PTC Sites

Now move to its fact:

  • 7 facts you should know before you hit the ground.

  1. PTC pays less-why?
  2. A direct referral is the only game changer- how?
  3. The premium package might work –how?
  4. You will get paid but- when?
  5. Most of the PTC sites scam innocent people- what!
  6. They neither care about advertiser nor you- how?
  7. Highest paying PTC sites: Top PTC sites that really pay
  8. PTC sites that pay 10$ per click
  9. Highest paying PTC sites without investment
  10. Top Indian PTC sites: Indian PTC daily payout
  11. PTC could be a good option- how?
  •          Pros and cons

  •           Scope


1. PTC pays less – why?

PTC always pays less, because of their business module. It is designed in such a way that advertisers can pay less to promote their business and clicker (user of PTC sites) get less because of the payment made by advertisers. Now whatever the transaction goes between PTC sites and advertisers you are getting a certain percentage.

Let’s see how:

This is an example to make you understand what PTC site is getting and what they are paying to you.

1000-click-2.20 11 Facts About PTC Sites: A complete information about PTC Sites


Now you have to decide yourself with this percentage. If you are comfortable then you can sign up and start earning from PTC sites. Don’t worry there are few another way in PTC site from where you can earn. This article will show you the picture behind your imagination about PTC site. Our purpose is not to demoralize anyone but our responsibility is to keep you aware before you decide to get into the PTC site.


2. A direct referral is the only game changer- how?

What is a direct referral?

Direct referral means referring to someone like your friend and family to join under you through your referral link. Once they join, you will get the referral amount. On top of that for every active member, you will also get a few cents when they click their ads.

Here I am considering an example of Clixsense.com which is one of the legit PTC site and consistent payer since 2007.

Once you join you will be eligible to refer your friends and family. You will a get referral link from that specific site. What you need to do, ask them to join under you. Once they join through a referral link, your job is done. Referral amount will directly credit to your user account.

For more details look at this image which is sourced from the clixsense.com site.

PTC-direct-referral02 11 Facts About PTC Sites: A complete information about PTC Sites  


What is Rented Referral and how does it work?

Most people do not understand ‘Rented Referrals’ in PTC sites, so most people get confused. Referral rent is basically to rent other clickers like you who click on ads on PTC sites. Now, when you rent them, according to the Bux sites you can get help to earn an extra buck.

This ‘rented referral’ module works according to the activeness of the clicker. Let’s say that if you rent 10 ad clicker and all are active and click the ad every day, then whenever they click on the ad, you will receive a portion of the income. If all your ads clickers are active and if they click on the ads every day, then the renting referral works great. I have seen people renting more than 1000 referrals, but sometimes they fall into losses due to the inactive of the ads clicker. My suggestion is that, learn first and then invest.

If you want to play with it, then ‘Rented Referrals’ work great or else there will be a great chance to lose your investment. If you want to earn on the rented referrals, understand their calculations very well.


3. The premium package might work –how?

If you are really confident that you can easily get a direct referral then you can also upgrade to a premium membership plans. It will give you wings to earn more. Only clicking ads will not pay you more. If you want to earn more then consider their premium membership plan. You have to pay some amount in order to get a premium membership plan.

Premium membership upgrade will add a significant value for you. It will boost your income drastically. Plans are more or less similar to every genuine PTC sites, again I am saying genuine sites because there are tons of scam site available to scam people. You might lose your money and waste time or both before you sign up check their legitimacy.

ptc-premium-memebership 11 Facts About PTC Sites: A complete information about PTC Sites 


4. You will get paid but- when?

Once you sign up you will start getting some ads which you need to click every day. For every click, you will get some cents it could be $0.0001 to $0.1 USD.

Now every PTC site has set their minimum threshold it could be $2 to $8 or more. Once you reach a minimum threshold payout you can withdraw money from PayPal, Payza, Paytoo, Neteller, you can choose anyone.

Note: Select PTC site wisely.

5. Most of the PTC sites scamming innocent people- what!

A scam is very common in PTC sites. There are tons of PTC site really scam people with their mind-blowing offers. It’s a human psychology when we see money, I can say easy money our mind stop working. Scammers know very well how to attract people from lofty offers.

If you want to know more about PTC site scams kindly check our another post-PTC site: how to avoid scam from PTC sites.

Every day millions of people login PTC sites hope that “very soon” they earn dollars. The truth is always bitter but we should accept it. “Very soon” will not come very soon, my friends. You can earn some bucks from PTC site but it’s not a cup of tea.


6. They care about themselves neither advertiser nor you- how?

Before you make any perception, let me tell you this is my personal observation might be might not you agree with the point.

Now, I will tell you how
I will go one by one:

From Advertiser prospective

When we look at PTC business module, PTC designed in such a way that real business is not happening from the advertiser perspective. People who watch ads they are not the potential customer because they only care about their income. When they click ads they don’t care about advertiser ads. There is very less percentage that might react on advertiser ads.

According to the PTC business module, an advertiser has to pay less as compared to other ad agencies. There could be one or more reason that they are selecting PTC platform to promote their business.

I don’t want to discuss all the point here because this will go out of the track.

From Customer Perspective (PTC user or clicker)

Again the same scenario is here because of less payment received from advertiser PTC has to pay less to their user. They will not pay from their pocket.

A calculation is very simple, if they getting less they will pay less as simple as that.


7. Highest paying PTC sites:  Top PTC sites that really pay

The highest paying PTC sites are always a puzzle. Most people are stuck in attractive advertisements. According to PTC sites’ models, some sites have claimed to pay more than $ 10, which is completely fake. Even if someone is offering you $ 1 per click advertising, then this could be fake.

The highest paying PTC sites are Clixsense, NeoBux, BuxP, these sites actually pay more than other sites. These are the highest paying sites, but this does not mean they will pay more than $ 1 per click in most cases.

8. PTC sites that pay 10$ per click

PTC sites that pay $ 10 per click are completely fake, as I said above; a site cannot even give you $ 1 per click. Now you have to understand that someone is claiming that, we will pay $ 10, do not trust them. If you understand the model of PTC sites then I am sure that you will not be part of the scam.

9. Highest paying PTC sites without investment

It is correct that genuine site never asks you to pay anything at the time of signing up, however, they have some premium membership option in order to boost up click rate. If you ask our recommendation then we will suggest you not to pay initially. Once you understand the concept of PTC payment then you can go for a premium membership plan.

Any genuine sites like Clixsence, NeoBux, BuxP never ask any upfront payment. These are the highest paying PTC site without investment. So never every pays a single penny to any PTC site at the time of sign up. Some PTC sites show payment proof to their user, but don’t trust them. Those PTC income proof are sometimes fake demo of PTC income in order to grab user attention.


10. Top Indian PTC sites: Indian PTC daily payout

Indian PTC sites models work the same way, as it works out. Indian users are relatively high compared to other countries. The selection of PTC sites is always a challenge for the newcomer in India. In that situation, when you talk about PTC sites in India, you can play safe. There are no specific Indian PTC sites, if you talk about the actual PTC sites, Clicksense, BuxP, NeoBux is also the best site in India.

If we talk about Indian PTC daily payouts, there are no PTC sites that provide daily payouts to customers in India. Each PTC sites have their own payment limit. Once you reach that threshold, you will be eligible for cash payment only.

11. PTC could be a good option- how?

PTC could be a good option if you are unemployed or you don’t have any source of income. It can give a possibility to earn extra bucks if you can push yourself a little bit harder in order to pull some dollars from PTC sites. A good network can really help in this field.

PTC allows you to earn from a survey, grid box, micro job, affiliates program and much more. These options really peak you up very easily if you are serious about PTC.


Pros and cons of PTC sites


  • Genuine PTC sites pay on time.
  • 100% free sign up for the starter, once you understand well you can upgrade to the premium membership plan.
  • Referral plans are ultimate.
  • Not technical skills required anyone one can do it.
  • It allows you to work according to your time.
  • No contract, no bond, and no time restriction.


  • The payout percentage is very less.
  • You cannot withdraw until you reach their minimum threshold.
  • Not as easy as it seems to be (Clicking add will not help you to pay more. Here only one formula work learns more earn more).
  • Too much time taking for normal clicker (not for the dedicated user)
  • Tons of PTC scams sites available to con innocent people.



Understand the PTC sites Scam: Most PTC sites scam people all over the world

Since most unemployed, students and housewives are involved in PTC sites income, they are not aware that most PTC sites scam people and do not pay a single penny. If you really want to earn from PTC sites then rely only on trusted websites. As I mentioned some of them, you can consider them. These days the PTC site scam is very common. Please check before signup

List of PTC sites that scam people every day. Most of them attract people with their fancy offers. Always remember those PTC websites that offer good payouts, most of them are scammers. Please be careful!

  • orbisbux.com
  • bitcoearn.net
  • fitptc.com
  • giclix.com
  • buxmagic.com
  • adhitbursts.com
  • adserious.com
  • bixdollarxyz
  • tinyclix.info
  • visaptc.com
  • swingbtc.com
  • comecash.ml
  • buxchoice.com
  • earn24clix.co.za
  • fiat2bitcoin.com
  • christmasclix.co.za
  • clixpremium.com
  • adzour.com
  • bulletclix.Club
  • probuxptc.info

These are some lists of PTC websites. These days thousands of PTC sites are running a scam and misleading the people. Please be careful with them.


Orbisbux – A video on scam site: see how PTC sites scam people


The scope of opportunity in PTC Sites

PTC sites are growing day by day. It could a good option to go for, but again I’ll suggest you judge yourself before you hit the ground. There is 70-80% people failed to make money on PTC. You can make money on PTC but need to take care of all the aspect.

Area of scope is good but you have to work seriously if you want to earn on PTC otherwise, you will just waste your time here.

If you have any question or doubt, kindly put it in a comment box. We will get back to soon with the relevant answer


We talk about everything, now it’s time get the job if you are serious about PTC.

Best PTC sites: Best PTC sites in India and Global

If you are looking for serious business in PTC sites and want to earn some money then always go for the actual PTC sites. Thousands of PTC sites claim to make good payments, but most of them are scams PTC sites. Now you have to find the best PTC sites that can pay you. How do you now understand that sites scams PTC sites or legitimate one?

Select only legit sites because there are tons of scam site out in the market.

Here is the best PTC Site for you

CLIXSENSEclixsennse-neobux-scarletclick-buxp-swagbucks-indiavent.com_-120x300 11 Facts About PTC Sites: A complete information about PTC Sites








Disclaimer: All these information based on our personal R&D. If anything found or mislead by us kindly email to us at [email protected] Indiavent.com motto is to provide correct information to our loyal reader. Kindly update us if you found any incorrect statement on our website.

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