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We are here to develop unique information towards the digital world. We want to give our readers all the basic and solid knowledge which can make them successful.


original-Copy About UsIndiavent.com was launched on November 16, 2016. When we started, we had to face many challenges to execute. As we know that when people are searching for something on the internet, they are looking for valuable things. I got some shocking data. Some articles are good and actually add value to us, but some are useless and non-trustworthy and are not valuable anywhere. When we started Indiavent, we had put all these issues in our mind before we started.


How do we work?

We are the believer of sharing valuable information to our loyal readers. We generally structure the data according to our readers. But we manage the content in such a way that our new readers can stop their search here. Before sharing anything unique, we always do extensive research on specific content.

Currently, we share information related tech and business. We are usually involved in topics such as business ideas, startup plan, business fundamental, business planning SEO practice according to business demand, online income- how to earn money online and much more.

In future, we will come up with more valuable content as well. We also encourage our loyal readers to help to structure content so others can also get benefited through them.


Why Indiavent.com only?

Indiavent.com is an emerging blogging site. It keeps trying to solve the everyday problems of the people. If you have been involved in the business from anywhere, then you should join the Indiavent.com. If you are connected by tech or online income, it will make you more aware of the business. Our research will give you a new platform of knowledge in the Internet world.


Main contributor of Indiavent.com

how-to-take-betterfamily-vacationpictures-200x300 About Us

Hello, my name is Vikash Kumar and I am a strategic identifier in the business world. I have worked for many big and small companies. When I started my career, I was too young to understand business psychology. After completing my high school, I started working. I have worked in almost all the campaigns in the BPO industry and also worked for some software companies. I helped to develop market strategies for service industries. My main role was in sales and marketing but I also involved in management. I have seen many fluctuations in multinational companies and have understood their strategic plan to get out of the situation. I have more than 9 years of experience.

Whatever I have learned, if you want to be dependent on yourself then you should pay attention to your strategic plan, which you can prepare for your business.


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We also pay attention to our readers. So that you do not have any problem reading the article. Our website is well optimized for any device and it is very flexible to read
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