How to become successful in sales| Best sales strategies for salesperson

By | September 15, 2017

Sales are always one of the hottest discussions for every individual who belongs to sales and marketing. Every business needs sales to be done precisely. Millions of dollars business are dependent on sales.If you are from sales background or running a business, you always think about numbers on the board. Now the question is, how can you maximize the sales? Why most of the companies or sales executive feel challenge on sales when it comes to conversion.

Lets-become-the-most-powerful-in-sales How to become successful in sales| Best sales strategies for salesperson

How to become a powerful salesman with applying the right sales strategies 

Today we will discuss some interesting and strange factor of sales. Some things you already know, and some you have to understand. And, I am sure after reading this article you will able to understand how the sales work. Especially beginners.

Why you should you read this article: This article can answer yours most of the important question regarding sales. Which you usually face on a daily sales goal. The best part of this article is that you will get a lot of information under one roof. If you will try to search this kind of content on Google or any other search engines, then I am sure you won’t get.I have tried hard to write this article. And I’m sure this article will surely add a significant value to your sales knowledge. “Indiavent” always strives to place a unique and interesting article to our loyal readers.

This article is also relevant for beginners and experiences. I have focused on every aspect of sales, where people have to face challenges at conversion. I have collected a number of questions to answer so that you can get more information about the sale. If you are working hard to convert your leads into sales, then it will be a treasure for you.

This article is also relevant to those who want to start a startup or become an entrepreneur. Every business needs sales.

Enjoy the article! and please do let me know if this article added a value to your sales experience or not?

I’ll cover some basic and advanced points that can help to improve your sales skills

So let’s start…. Are u ready? I am sure you are… right?

 A sale is made on every call you make. You either sell the client some stock or he sells you a reason he can’t. Either way, it’s a sale. The question is, who’s gonna close, you or him? Be relentless!  –Boiler Room

Understand sales performance metrics

If you are in sales, then you should understand the sale performance metrics which are the most talked about for your team’s success. Selling is not only selling the product but technically it is important to do technical sales with zero error. Here zero error means customers feel happy to buy your product. If you know the sales performance metrics then I am sure you will succeed in sales in the long run.
Many small companies have spent a lot of money on sales but they lack a lot in understanding the sales performance.

What is sales & marketing?  

Sales and marketing are two different words and have it two different definitions. Most of the people combine these two words and see as one point of views. First of all, we should know how it is different. If you are fresher on sales and marketing you should know these differences. People who hold MBA Degree they know the difference. But nowadays, companies entertain fresher who don’t have such background. Mostly high school passes or normal graduates become part of sales and marketing. Now the companies know that through training and skill development programs, they can drag the outstanding sales performer. Therefore instead of recruiting MBA students, they usually hire high school pass students or normal graduates. And they recruit MBA students for higher management.

Sometimes companies training-modules fail to nurture their sales team. Most of the time companies only focus on their products to train and they provide less time to nurture sales techniques, skill development, and marketing strategies.

Sales and marketing run together. Some of the companies use One-man- Army Techniques. What they do, they ask their employees to take care both sales and marketing at the same time? This is totally wrong implementation. Now you can imagine that you do not know how sales and marketing work differently. How will you prepare your strategy for sale? Without the strategies, it is very difficult to chase a targeted client

Let’s understand sales and marketing one by one.

Sales: It often defines a teamwork. This is the team whose work is to sell products and services, it helps businesses to sell products in the competitive market. It does not matter how bad your product is, it develop relationships with customers and channel partners, they approach customers directly, handle objections, value negotiations, make smart customers in procurement mode, handle terms and conditions and much more to do.

It always works according to target. Companies set the target and it is the job of the sales team to meet that target under any circumstances. Target means meeting the sale expectation of the business. It is can be SPD-sales per day, weekly, monthly quarterly, half yearly or annually.

Marketing: A key job of Marketing is to understand the marketplace from the perspective of the customer looking back towards the company and helping lead the company where it should be in the future. Marketing’s job is to direct the organization toward the segments, or groups of customers and channels where the company can profitably compete. It allows companies to see the market situation and ask to behave accordingly. It is the proper structure to aligning customer to the sales team. And, It is generally acquiring leads from the market or help to know how and where to get the potential lead. As we know lead is also an important part of sales. Good leads can help sales to easily convert sales with less effort. A Marketing team plays an important role in helping this sales team.

This helps in understanding the challenges of sales, so marketing should be made in the form of other departments of sales and marketing. Marketers need to understand tools and strategies to attract the market, create relationships (often digital) and develop clues.


Why you should you proud yourself that you are from sales and marketing?

Sales and marketing are one of the toughest and challenging jobs in the business world. 6 out of 10 people fail to sale. Due to failure to sell a product on a given goal, some people actually leave the job. Most of the people use their sales techniques at the wrong place and at the end they fail to sale. A person who keeps the existence in the sales and marketing job is the hero who knows how to win the battle. They know how to utilize their inner soft skills. They know how interested customers will be. how to knock customers so they can come into buying mode. An ideal salesperson can sell worse products with strong sales strategies against their competitors

If you are in sales and marketing and are struggling every day to maintain your existence. And in some way, you have been successful in sales and marketing for a long time then you should be proud of yourself that you are in sales and marketing. Because very few percent of people find their presence in sales and marketing.

Why most of the salesperson feel that sales are a challenging job and difficult to exist for a long time? How to fix it?

how-to-fix-our-sales-problem How to become successful in sales| Best sales strategies for salesperson

Selling products or services is always a challenge. And it becomes more challenging when your product/service is less valuable as compared to your competitor product/services. Now, in this case, you might feel your product can’t be the sale. The not Interested word sounds like the monster. If a majority of approaches converted into NO then your morale goes down. This is where you feel sales is one of the most challenging jobs in the market. You most likely to blame your company’s product/service or the leads. In this way, you end your day and in the end, your boss gets an opportunity to Abuse you.

This is a very common scenario for almost all companies, some people take it in ego and leave the job without any extra effort.

How can we fix it– see, I will discuss a lot of things related to sales challenges. If you will not get the answer to this question here then you may get the answer to another question. So continue reading, this article will going to change your perception about the sale and will also guide to performing better in sales.

As we discussed challenges. Now we will talk about fixing these issues. First of all, be confident in yourself. Confidence is the key to success. When you know your company’s product/services is not good then you should try to focus in USP of products. USP means unique selling point. Every product has its USP if not then try to find out from your companies. Now USP is just to help to set up a conversation. Because as we discussed above, your client already been convinced with your competitor products. Why would they buy from you… Right?. Now listen carefully, every sales call has the scope of opportunities. Now you have to catch those opportunities where you client may give you a chance and say let’s close the deal! If you want to hear this word then do the following things:

For B2B Customer:

  1. Before pitching you must do a proper homework: If you really want to sales the product then you should plan everything before you going to pitch the customer. Without planning you may be unable to handle objection
  2. Don’t approach to your client until and unless you know who is your competitor and what they are offering: If you contact your customer without knowing anything, then in most cases you will not be able to handle the objections. And your customer will give the possibility to say not-interested at the beginning of the pitch. If you know who is your competitor then you can easily use the USP of the product. So, the question of your inquiry will be more effective. Because you most probably asked those question where your competitor is lacking. And this could be the best time to seal the deal.
  3. Are their product has its something uniqueness which yours is lacking: If your competitor’s product is paying high value to your customer, which you can not do, then check the questions where your product can compete or provide more value than your competitor.
  4. Is their product quality is good as compared to yours: If your customer is really concerned about the quality of the product. Then you can talk about your company’s services? Tell your client that you have a special arrangement with regard to services because the only good quality product is not enough. If services are poor.
  5. Are they offering products at low prices: Some sales executives, rather than convincing the customer, are convinced with the customer and feel that their product is not worth the price.You should know one thing, being a salesperson you should convince yourself before you going to convince your client. Understand one thing, the day you feel that you are just doing your job. You will fail to sale. Sales are something where your personal touch required. When you speaking with your client you should sound confident. Your confidence will give assurance to your client to buy your product.
  6. When it comes to service, how do they explain: As mentioned earlier, you can explain about the service. The most important component of the sales is service. Most customers like to deal with those companies who are really concerned about dealing with their customers. A customer needs your personal attention and they prefer your follow-up action. If you really care about their response and implementing as soon as possible, then there are huge possibilities that they would like to deal with you again. This means that you have confirmed your future order with good service. So, talk about your services. And how your company interacts with customers individually. Let them know, how sensitive your company is about the services.
  7. Try to find out there is terms and condition: Sometimes sales executives don’t feel comfortable to share terms and condition of their companies. Most of the time, sales officers are afraid of losing sales due to the terms and conditions. But this is a big mistake, which you are doing. If your client is already convinced then you don’t have to worry about terms and condition. But if you will not explain clearly then it could be possible they will hold the deal in between. I have seen many people that the client is pulling their hands back due to the sales executive. If there is a communication interval or you are hiding anything that is important to share then you will lose the sale. Make sure you clearly tell your client everything so that there is no problem later.
  8. How frequently their requirement is: If you know how frequently your client is ordering then let them know how you can help them in the future as a salesperson.Tell them about your service delivery. let them know, how can you meet their needs on time. I would like to tell you a very important thing that no sales officer can be 100% honest if you are an honest person then you are in the wrong place. Sales are not for you.I am not saying that you should be dishonest with your customer. But according to your product, there are lots of things to do. Tell your client that he is in the right place and at the right time. It is the only product that is compatible with its company. Your confidence will play an important role in reassuring.
  9. Avoid misunderstanding: It is pretty clear. I don’t think so you required any explanation for this. Misunderstanding means doubtful conversation where the client feels skeptical to go ahead while shaking hands with you.

There is a number of questions can be raised according to industry type. I have given you some basic question which is generally applicable for all types of industry. Prepare yourself according to your client.


For B2C Customer:

Nowadays, most of the B2C customers are targeted through phone calls. Selling over the phone is a little bit different as compared to selling face to face.

Let’s see how you can handle sales calls over the phone.

Selling over the phone could be little tough to sell. Because you don’t know who is on the other side of the phone. How they react, what their mood is. But this hardly matters if you know how to handle sales calls.

  1. First of all, your opening and closing script should have some impact on the customer. If you feel confused and choked or disturbed then there will be less to sell the opportunity. If you want to seal the deal then you should be excited over the phone call. It is better to use voice and modulation in the sound while using the quality of its soft skills.
  2. Do not sound scripted. I have seen people when they are speaking over the phone, they speak like a robot. And they just remember their script, and because of the script, their voice becomes flat. If you look for a script then that sounds unfamiliar to the customer. And you won’t get the chance to check your customer properly.
  3. If your sales script is not working for you then try changing it. It is very true that the changing script can help you to crack sales. Make your own script which you can make you confident.
  4. Don’t use the tough word. Some people think that using the tough and complicated word can help to impress the customer. This is totally wrong. Use simple words that facilitate pronunciation.
  5. Use correct pronunciation. If you will not use the right pronunciation then your customer might get confused and they will not ask to repeat. Especially, when you’re dealing with an international client.  Wrong pronunciation can create communication gap. 
  6. Avoid dead air on calls: Dead air means no sound either from an agent or from the customer. There are a number of reasons dead air occurs during the call.
  • Knowledge gaps of an agent: If agent’s product knowledge is not good then he/she will be stuck in the middle.
  • Slow CRM: Sometimes it happened while speaking with customers, your tools unable to work because of slow CRM.
  • A customer has a tough query: Agent unable to handle customer objections and these cause dead air.

7.Use appropriate phonetic when you spell out the words. Use the International Standard: The NATO Phonetic alphabet. The NATO or International Phonetic Alphabet is sometimes referred to as the English or British phonetic alphabet. In addition, it is also known as International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

NATO-phonetic-alphabet-683x1024 How to become successful in sales| Best sales strategies for salesperson

There are many phone-call courtesies whose we should follow. I have shared some basic phone etiquette, which is really necessary for people of sales. However, most people do not believe in this fundamental. They can be right But for freshers, who do not know how to handle customers, these steps will give you a little confidence on the phone.


How to improve sales performance?

sales How to become successful in sales| Best sales strategies for salesperson

First of all, you need to understand a sale comes with the target. Most of the time salesperson feels the burden to sell with the target. Salesperson hates target based sales. But you need to understand. Without a sales target, it is very difficult to obtain a targeted revenue based on the company’s plan. That why salespersons are warrior they are the cover shield of companies. And without sales team company is nothing. That why I said always feels proud that you belong to the sales department. Just think if you will not going to sell a product then how the company will run. That why company provides responsibility through the target. The target is to allow the company to understand the financial balance and according to the sales performance, salespeople get rewarded.

If you understand the company’s point of view then I am sure you will work accordingly. The more you know about your company and their products/service. You will be more confident to handle objections.

Improving sales performance is totally depends on your product knowledge.

But this is not enough. Knowing your product very well is one thing and presenting well in front of the client is another thing. Most of the time the sales executive performance fails when they are in front of the customer. Every companies design product according to their customers need. It is totally up to the sales executive how they deliver their product USP which can attract the client to come in buying mode.

This is not something new, what I am saying. You must have heard these words from your trainer several times during sales training. If you have not heard then it is mandatory to read this article.

If your customer said, not interested, Have you ever tried to ask why he’s not interested?  Listen carefully, Probing is the weapon you can use against anyone. Probing means that you ask a legitimate question related to the products you are selling or customers are using. If the customer said no. It’s fine, but you should ask why they said “No“. No in sales is very common. You should accept this truth, but if you do not try to ask questions then there is no one in this world who can help you get the sale. This is where most sales executives fail, after refusing they do not bother to move forward.

The best way is that you can go step by step.

Be assured and show enthusiasm do not sound sluggish or not let them feel that you are tired. Most of the time sales executive feel tired after two-three calls or meetings.

 Your first 30 seconds should be your small intro and purpose. It should be very precise manner. Let the customer know the purpose your approach.

 Ask a valid question I have seen people, those who ask questions control the conversation. Remember that there should be a question related to products that you want to sell. You can also ask some personal questions if it is necessary to build relationships.

Listen to their answers carefully and reply accordingly.

Understand your customer needs what they are looking for. Don’t pitch what you have, pitch them what they don’t have. Let them know how your product will help to grow. Why these products are important for them.

Do not interrupt when a customer is speaking. I have seen a lot of sales executives. When the customers are speaking, they stop them in the middle. Because when you speak in the middle, they stop sharing their pain area. And you are unable to find out what they want.

Don’t take too much time to explain. Make it short and crisp. Don’t explain useless thing which is not necessary.

Always show a big picture: It is human psychology, we want more. Most people believe that bigger is better. But this is not 100% accurate. Some people also believe in quality. The best step you have to make is to explain the “quality of the product”, which has many advantages.


What is a sales technique? How to make it Effective sales techniques?

Sales technique is something you built by your own. Each person has its own special quality which is not in any other. If you follow other sales techniques, then you may be unable to perform your sales technique according to your skills. Some people are born only for sale, but not all. Sales can be anything, there is an art in sales, which everyone wants to learn and who learn, is great.

The best ways to learn are related blogs, books, magazines, watching videos. It will keep you connected.

Some smart salespeople use the one-liners to entice their potential clients. I do not know how this will work for you but you can try, I am not saying that it will actually work for everyone. But when we talk about sales techniques we like to use new things.

You can use a one-liner while speaking on the phone. But do not try on B2B. It will actually work on B2C. But it is difficult to predict how efficient it is for B2B. If you want to try it then you can There is nothing wrong with using new things.


Here are some examples:

  1. Can I tell you something personal?
  2. Can I ask you something that might come off as weird?
  3. Between you and me
  4. I full transparency…
  5. Can I let you in on a secret?
  6. Honestly, I have to ask is this the real problem.
  7. Do you mind sharing what you are looking for?

How it works: let’s take an example of last one: Sometimes prospects don’t realize what they need. So I would say- do you mind sharing what you are looking for?


You can use these One-Liners in between the conversation to get more engagement with the customer. This one-liner idea is to hold your customer with the personal touch. “There is no good or bad thing in this world, it all its all about our perspective. Why people are disturbed by the crowd in the bus or train and enjoying such an atmosphere in the nightclub”. Here what I mean to say, according to the professional point of view there is a lot of things we are not supposed to do. But this does not mean that you can not try.


What are the best and effective sales strategies these days?

AIDA-Attention-interest-Decision-Action How to become successful in sales| Best sales strategies for salesperson

Knowing your client very well is the first step in sales strategy. Five fingers are never equal. If you follow some strategies then your sales will go smooth. Most of the sales representative struggle hard to pull up the single sale. Now, if you have a good sales strategy plan then I am sure your life gets easier.

I am not going so deep on sales strategy. Because of it, this will be going to the lengthy topic. I will just give you overviews of this. If you want to know in details please do let me know in comment box I will be happy to assist you.

Following point you should consider for sales strategy:

Develop good relationship with customer and win their heart-

  1. Always agree with your customer.
  2. Try to understand the concept of customer always right
  3. Learn the “art” of pressure
  4. Do some pre-call research in order to avoid misunderstanding and communication gap
  5. First, help your prospects and try to understand their pain point.
  6. What you are saying is nothing, whatever your client believes is everything.
  7. You should have the closing strategy. A customer can say anything yes, no or I am not sure. If you have a closing strategy then you can fix these issues.
  8. Sell yourself, not your products: Selling yourself is a good idea rather than selling the product. Because, if a customer keeps the faith on you then they can buy anything from you.
  9. Tell a story to make the sale. “Top salespeople tell stories because it engages customers and puts the sales message in a context that captures the prospect’s attention.
  10. Be original.
  11. Allow your customer to feel that you are the one who genuinely understands the pain. And always stand for help. Let them feel that you know their needs.


Set goal for your sales:

  1. Make some priority for your sales. Pull up some time at the end and prioritize your selected leads and follow-up.
  2. Skip easily achieved goals and focus on high goals.
  3. Set some target for your own not by the company. Self-targeting is the best practice to pull maximum numbers of sales.
  4. Evaluate your progress regularly.


Make the plan for your sales.

  1. Review and Document Your Sales Process and plan it accordingly.
  2. Create Excel –sheet and update each and everything. That can help you when you will mesh up. Put an important note on the dairy.
  3. After day end, makes tomorrow’s plans.
  4. Review and Update Your Ideal Customer Profile and Personas
  5. Document Your Buyer’s Journey
  6. Confirm Your Differentiators
  7. Review Your Website and Online Marketing
  8. Document others Sales and Marketing Strategy and makes a plan to defeat them accordingly.
  9. Track Your Progress and Evolve Your Tactics



Why is online visibility important for sales guys?

Your online presence is very important. If you’re not online then people may consider that you are outdated. Nowadays, million dollars business happening on the online platform. If you are not one of then you may lose potential opportunities. Which you don’t..right?

Social presence is the great way to acquire potential leads. So be a part of social media and join all the social media and business sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sites like LinkedIn you may consider:

  1. myopportunity
  2. Meetup
  3. Beyond
  4. Data.comConnect
  5. Doostang

What are the best sales movies that can motivate your inner zeal?

Best-sales-Movies-ever-1 How to become successful in sales| Best sales strategies for salesperson

I think motivation is very important in sales. Motivation is very important not only in sales but in any stream.

Movies are the best source of motivation. I have watched some movies which motivate me when I was struggling for sales. So, in my opinion watching sales movies is not a bad idea for sales guys.

Here we go…

Boiler Room (2000)- Very aggressive movie. You will learn a lot of things.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)– very professional but unethical activities involved. I love Alec Baldwin ABC formula – Always be closing.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)– Again another aggressive movie for sales guys. Those who are sluggish sales people should see this film. You will get motivated.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) – Very emotional movie which I feel. This movie is based on true story. This one focuses on the story of a salesperson, Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith.

Wall Street (1987)– Great act by Michael Douglas. Very nice movie

Death of a Salesman (1985) – This movie, based on the Pulitzer Prize play, tells the sad story of a salesman at the end of his career.

The Goods – Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009) – Another great movie for a salesperson. It is the little emotional movie. There are many tongues in cheek sales situations and behind the scenes views on sales life.

Tin Men (1987)– Danny Devito film. This time, he and Richard Dreyfus are competing salespeople selling aluminum siding. There are many dirty sales tricks and funny sales room scenes


I would recommend that you learn good things in these films. Because it involves many immoral practices and I am sure your boss will not like these things. But there are many good things that are suitable for you and that can help you to become a good seller.


Final note by me (author): Sales is a deep blue sea. Sales are something that no one can teach but you have to learn by won. This ideas and formulas will help you to boost your sales techniques and make you a better salesman. If you will apply these steps then I am sure you will get some positive result within few days. I am not committing you anything over here. But I am advising you to make a corrective action plan which can lead you to succeed.

If you have any feedback please put it in the comment box. We will look forward to it. Our motto is to provide you a unique content which you hardly find in Google or any other search engines. There are millions of content in the search engine. Some of the content is really awesome but they are few and most are full of crap. We understand this issue and always put our hard work to create unique content for our loyal readers.


Best of luck! for your sales career If you like our effort, please tell us. A word of praise is very important to us.


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