Freelance: How to work on freelancer | How to use freelancer to make money

By | September 24, 2017

A freelance job is a great opportunity to earn some extra bucks. Every day millions of people sign up to get ready for their freelance opportunity. Millions of people satisfied with these freelance platforms but there are people confused with a freelance job.


Freelance-How does it work and how to get started | how to work on freelancer | how to use freelancer to make money


We will cover:

  1. Who is a freelancer?

  2. About Freelancer

  3. How does it work?

  4.  Freelance opportunity

  5. How to setup yourself as a freelancer

  6. What should you offer?

  7. A)How to get project from freelancer
  8. B)How to get work online freelance
  9. C)How to use freelancer site
  10. How much time will it take to grow?

  11. Advantages and disadvantages

  12. Best and legit freelance website you can work with.


1.Who is a freelancer?

Freelancer could be anyone. If someone is performing any task according to his/her convenience for their personal financial stability considered as a freelancer. If you have a regular job you can still work as a freelancer until and unless there is no obligation from your companies end. There are people who work full-time and side by side they also joined freelancer websites and communities to accelerate their income opportunities.


2.About Freelancer

A freelance job can help you to earn apart from your regular job however, there are people who actually performed a full-time job as a freelancer. A freelance job allows you choose your work according to your technical knowledge. Now a day internet is helping a freelancer to grow enormously with less effort.


3.How does it work?

Let’s say you are looking for a job and due to any reason you unable to get your suitable job. If you have any technical skills like painting, writing, computer programming, photography any piece of work which help businesses.

You can either open your own freelance office and generate contract job from your network itself or best you can join freelance website in order to get short-term jobs from them.


4.Freelance opportunity

There are thousands of websites who are giving you an opportunity to work according to your convenience. You can select work according to your technical skills. There is no doubt that freelance job is safe and secure and you can expect money if you have technical skills. No matter how much technical knowledge you have. You can make a profile and be honest with your client. Don’t make fool to them and if they like work you get more opportunity to display your skills.


5.How to setup yourself as a freelancer?

First of all, you should know yourself what you can do proficiently. Make a portfolio so people can easily contact you if your skills match their criteria. You can also promote your work on LinkedIn and other social media platform which can boost your contact. Now a day freelancer companies and website has an algorithm to help the client and work with their exact match. If you are good in computer programming you will only a get client of computer programming. Initially might be a case that you will get less opportunity but if you will seriously involve you will get benefit in long run.


6.What should you offer?

Before you start you have to understand that people who assign work on a freelance website they have a high expectation. That’s the reason they are paying to the website and you will get paid by the websites. Your type of technical skill knowledge decides what you should offer. I mean if you are not certified with digital marketing you can’t offer virtual assistance because of quality parameter. There are no such hard and fast rules that you can offer two proficient skills but my suggestion is that only imply that piece of work which you know best.


7.How to get project from freelancer

There are many websites available to promote your business. If you really want to work as a Freelancer, then you have to sign up with these companies and they will help you get the project. The best part of the website is that they do everything on your behalf, you just need to work on your project, and in addition to that they will establish everything for you. Their commission is also very reasonable.

You can also establish your own business or you can actually work as a freelancer. Encourage your skills in social media and other platforms, which can help you get the business opportunity.


8.How to get work online freelance

As I mentioned above, there are many websites that can help you promote your business such as, and more. Before signing up, please read the guideline and payment process there.


9.How to use freelancer site

Using the freelance site is very easy. All you need to do is to fill the following required boxes, and then you are good to go. To promote your skills on freelancer sites, please follow their promotional video, which can help you get more customers. Because, in the initial state, you will be new to the website, which might reduce your reliabilities in front the customers. Nobody will trust you, until and unless you get a better review from customers. The second thing is that you have to make sure, that your price should be competitive in the market for better customer engagement. You also have to see what other people are doing.


10.How much time will it take to grow?

Honestly speaking it totally depends on your effort. There are companies who take guarantee to help with maximum number jobs through their paid package. Once you made your profile you need to engage yourself every day to check out that you received any assigned work or not.


11.Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: You will be your own boss. It is very flexible in terms of work. You can set your time according to your own convenience.  Select your work which you know better. No one can force you to work late. High demand for help it means you will get more opportunity to work. A scope of growth is good. Easy to start you don’t have to approach anyone.

DisadvantagesWork could be irregular. It will take a time to build your repo in front of the client. Sometimes you might feel annoyed if you won’t get a good amount of work. Initially, you might feel complicated to manage multiple clients. A freelance job is easy to sound but difficult to manage.


12.Best and legit freelance website you can work with.

If we want to work then it is very obvious that we will work with those who can offer regular job and moreover payment should be paid by them on regular basis. As I said already there are thousands of freelance websites which will promise you to give regular job. However, there is only few website that can fit with their promises.

List of best and legit freelance websites:

  1. Elance
  2. Upwork
  3. Fiverr
  4. Guru
  5. Freelancer
  6. Peopleperhour

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freelance Freelance: How to work on freelancer | How to use freelancer to make money
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