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By | August 28, 2018

It’s not as easy as increasing your blog traffic. It includes the following factors when we look at our blog traffic. If you want to increase blog traffic then you should know everything about the SEO strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process involved to increase traffic to blogs. We know about SEO, but some of us do not really use SEO in an effective manner. It is true that without proper SEO we cannot increase blog traffic. If you want to increase blog traffic to your website then understand our criteria. These are very basic criteria but it cannot be ignored…

How to increase blog traffic for free | How do I get more readers for my blog | Know your blog traffic stat in order to improve your search traffic.

Increase-Blog-Traffic-Indiavent How to increase blog traffic for free and fast with easy steps - Indiavent


1. Your blogging writing style:

If your articles are very interesting then people will definitely read your articles, otherwise, the bounce rate will increase unnecessarily. And, if it is not interesting, then nobody will share your content. If no one shares your content, your Page Authority and Domain Authority will also be interrupted.

It’s better to follow the good blog so you can better understand the blogging style.

2. Consistent with your blogging:

If you do not write an article on a regular basis, then, you will be standing behind the rival crowd. Today’s situation is that if you stopped yourself, your ranking, your traffic, your visibility on the web, everything will be stopped.

3. Keyword research and keyword density:

If you are writing an article and if you are not taking care of your keyword research, then your effort will fail and your article will not be able to reach the right audience. Writing an article is not just about expressing your thoughts, but it is also important to see from Google point views. If Google will not understand that your content is valuable to your audience. Then, how do you get traffic?

 4. Understand the importance of Backlinks:

If you are starting then you will take time to understand the importance of backlinks. If you already know the importance of backlink then try to use the backlink effectively, because, without backlink, it is difficult to increase your blog traffic. Please find out everything about backlinks, otherwise, you may have trouble to increase your blog traffic.


5. Understand the type of Backlinks:

A Backlink is the backbone of search traffic. When we say SEO that Backlink is the first thing in our mind, even though, the backlinks are not only a factor of driving traffic. Backlinks can be in the form of guest posts, forums, directory links, editorial links, blog comment links, user profile pages, Infographics, and images.

Neil Patel has written a beautiful article regarding Backlink – What Type of Backlinks Does Your Business Really Need Right Now?

6. Use LSI wisely to boost your SEO:

LSI-Keyword-Indiavent How to increase blog traffic for free and fast with easy steps - Indiavent

If you want to increase blog traffic then you should know what is LSI? Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a mathematical method that determines the relationship between words and concepts in the content. The content of a web page is crawled by a search engine and the most common words and phrases are added and identified as keywords for the page.

If you are writing an article on yourself, use these methods to keep your content relevant in Google’s eyes.

7. Keep your blog SEO friendly:

Most of the time, people keep an eye on Backlinks and other SEO aspects and forget to look at blog designing. If you want to increase blog traffic then your website should be mobile-friendly. I mean it should be responsive in design. Check out other aspects of SEO on your website. Use the correct H1 for the better understanding of website error, you can use PowerMapper to check the basic error of your website.

8. Use Google Analytic:

google-Analytics-indiavent How to increase blog traffic for free and fast with easy steps - Indiavent

If you’re using Google Analytic then it’s OK. If not then try to use Google Analytic. This is a very important tool for tracking traffic to your website. I have seen those who have a website but they do not use Google analytics. If you do not understand the targeted audience better, then it is very difficult to get the desired result. If you respond according to your Google analytics, it will also help you increase blog traffic.


9. Use Google search console to monitor your website traffic behavior

GOOGLE-SEARCH-CONSOLE-INDIAVENT How to increase blog traffic for free and fast with easy steps - Indiavent

Google Search Console will tell you about the behavior of your website. You can learn everything about your traffic behavior and understand the website’s error and fix it. Ensure that your website should be error-free, many errors can harm your ranking. Without ranking on the top page, your blog will not be read, if your page will appear on top of the search results, then anyone can easily read your blog article. So make sure you see everything on Google Search Console.


10. Submit Your Site to Search Engines manually: Let the search engines know that you have new information to share!

WEBMASTER-TOOLS-GOOGLE-BING-YANDEX-BAIDU-INDIAVENT How to increase blog traffic for free and fast with easy steps - Indiavent

If you are writing an article and if it is not indexable then you will not be able to see your blog post in the search results. Whenever you write your blog post, try to submit your blog post URL manually. However, search engines do not guarantee to index your page, because you manually submitted it.

We recommend that you manually submit your site pages to Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu because they made it clear that if an article has been posted to your blog post, or you have created a new content, It will be indexed but there is no guarantee, but there are more possibilities to index your blog post. Search engines have implemented manual presentations as a great practice to protect themselves from excessive levels of spam.

It is important to submit your site’s pages to all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex). Other search engines have less traffic than Google, however, they have millions of users. I would say that submitting your site URL to every search engine would be a wise decision. When you submit a URL or domain name to the search engine, it can take anywhere from two to four weeks for the index. Sometimes your page will not be indexed after it is submitted, if it does, wait four weeks and resubmit the page again.

11. Install the right plugins for your blog sites:

As we know most of the blog sites are designed in WordPress, installing the right plugins is an important factor in blog traffic.

If you are getting started then my suggestion will be to create a blog site for WordPress. Because WordPress gives you a wing to develop in every aspect of your blog business. Now if you are installing the right WordPress plugins for your blog sites, then I’m sure you will be able to increase your blog traffic. Plugins like SEO Yoast, JetPack are quite useful. These can help you to increase your blog traffic. If you do everything right from the beginning, then there will be no problem in increasing your blog traffic.


12. Guest posting can increase your blog traffic immensely

If you are really want to increase blog traffic then guest posting is also a part of white hat SEO practice in order to increase your blog traffic immensely. You can become a Guest post author and add a value to your SEO practice. Guest post can help you to get the high-quality backlink if you are guest posting to High DA PA sites.

“Guest posting” means writing content and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog, this is the process of contributing to other bloggers or websites, and in return, you will get a lot of benefit from it. Your blog traffic will increase; you will get strong backlinks for your blog sites.

When you do a “guest post”, always try to promote your contents to the entire forum, such as social media and other platforms. Link to the posts of your blog Promote it several times on Twitter (many times), share it on Facebook, thanks to the person who has given you the chance. Stays tuned around and respond to comments on the post.

Guest post is one of the important aspects of SEO. It’s 10 times better to create new content for your site.


13. Use Social Media effectively to increase blog traffic:

If you want to increase blog traffic, social media is also very important. Without social media, you can not get the desired results. So make sure you will use social platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Reddit, StumbleUpon …

But make sure to use this social media according to your target audience. If your target audience is country-specific, then target only those social platforms available in your country. Example: If you write articles related to India and your target audience is only Indian then there is no use of the Reddit, StumbleUpon for your blog.

Social media will support you a lot to increase blog traffic. Using social media can increase your page authority and domain authority.



If you want to increase blog traffic then you can consider these points. This is an important factor in your blog traffic. This is not the end of SEO, people use thousands of more strategies to stay on top of search results. Seo experts such as Neil Patel, Brian Dean have written a lot of articles about SEO strategies. If you want to increase blog traffic, then follow these basic strategies, if you have already done it then follow these market experts and learn SEO properly to increase blog traffic.

Increase-Blog-Traffic-Indiavent How to increase blog traffic for free and fast with easy steps - Indiavent
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How to increase blog traffic for free and fast with easy steps - Indiavent
How to increase blog traffic for free | How do I get more readers for my blog | Know your blog traffic stat in order to improve your search traffic...
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      It might take some time to rank but this is white-hat SEO practice, which is safer and faster if you want to stay long in blogging.


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