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By | September 11, 2017

How to Start a Startup: There is always a challenge for entrepreneurs but the most important part of the business is the right execution. There are thousands of challenges occur when you are planning to start a new startup. Starting a new startup with limited fund always need proper planning in order to avoid risk.

How-to-start-a-startup-If-you-don’t-have-funds How to Start a Startup: Easy and Simple! with limited funds - Indiavent

This article is originally meant for beginners, who do not have professional experience but have the excitement of starting their own business with low risk and low fund.


If you are an entrepreneur then I am sure you know the amount of risk is involved in any businesses. It will be a more challenging job to get it succeeds if you are starting a start-up with limited funds. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur then start your business with right business strategies.

If you do not have a limited fund, what will you do?

Will you be able to start a startup?

The answer is yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without money, we cannot start a startup, which is definite but with limited funds, you can do this.

Now when we want to start a business, we come across a lot of questions we usually ask ourselves.

  • Such as…..
    1.I want to start a small business but have no money
  • 2.How to start a business with no money and bad credit
  • 3.How to start a business without money online
  • 4.I wanna open my own business
  • 5.How to start a business without money
  • 6.How to start a business without money start a business with your talent
  • 7.How to start a startup with no capital
  • 8.How can I start a small business?
  • 9.How do you start an online business?
  • 10.These are the most general question we ask ourselves before starting a startup.
  • 11.How to start a startup with limited funds
  • 12.How to start a startup if I don’t have money
  • 13.How to start a startup if I don’t have business plan
  • 14.How to start a startup if I am in job

These are the very basic question we generally ask our self if we don’t know, how to start a startup.

Answers to all these questions are here. Read this article carefully so you can understand the concept of starting a startup without any fail.

What is a startup?

A startup is a kind of young company, which gradually develops. Startups are usually smaller and are initially funded and operated by early financial institutions or by a person. These companies offer a product or service that is currently not available anywhere in the market. Although most products are already available in the market a startup presents them in another way.


There is an easy way to start start-up with limited funds.

First of all, you should know what’s your business idea is?

Secondly, you should know whether your business is reliable enough to be present in the market or not?

If you are ready to sell your product then will it be possible to sell the product to your local market physically without any hurdle?

If so, develop your products and services according to your client’s needs, which can add value to them.

Remember one thing …

If you have limited money; in that case, you have to do most of your work by yourself so that you can save as much as possible. If you spend money in the initial stage, then you may lack the money while performing the execution.

Plan your business well. Try to work in every aspect of business opportunities.

Before starting a startup, you should have a business plan, if you do not do it, it can cause problems in the later part of the business.

Once you take all these aspects, then only spend money in important needs, for example: spend money on building websites, spend money on products that you can afford, only spend money on the required field.

Avoid credit card debt.

Avoid too many expenses.

At the initial stage, if physical office required then you can go for, otherwise, try to work virtually. Don’t spend money on buying expensive office at the initial stage.

You can promote your product online. There are a lot of websites are available these days, who can sell your products online such as,,,, there are a lot of website in your country, who can be willing to sell your products without your business setup.

If you want to sell a service then building a website can be a good option. The best way to create a website can be WordPress. That can be done from WordPress very easily. You just need to spend the small amount and you will get an amazing website within few hours and you can be able to sell your own services online with less effort.

In the initial stage, instead of hiring someone else to sell your product locally, if you sell your product in the local market you will be more successful. Your local market is the best and safest way to start selling in most of the cases.

How to start a startup, if I don’t have any team then….

No problem! If you don’t have a team you can start by yourself at the initial stage, one you will have sufficient fund as a backup fund then you can hire people to make your team. Initially, you will not be able to do much work with limited products, if you try to do more work you will not be anywhere. Contact your customer locally, once your business stabilizes, make your business strategy accordingly.

How to start a startup if I don’t have any skills

It’s fine you don’t have any skills, however, starting any business required some set of skill but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have skills. Business needs your zeal and skill can be acquired. If you know what you have to do as a business then some set of skill which is important for your business. Here, I am not asking you to spend money in order to hard skills but you can do this from the internet. Google can help you to learn initially once you start your business you will learn a lot of things from your experience.

So don’t worry, this is not a big hurdle if you have the zeal to start a startup.

 You can also watch these two videos from for more understand about how to start a startup with limited funds 

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