How to Become a Master in Content Writing Using Free Tools

By | March 23, 2018

Great content writing is always like a masterpiece painting, great content requires a lot to understand about readership and their interest, and above all, there is a lot to be done in your writing style. But what will happen if your thoughts are not so clear due to some technical reason? Today we look at unique and effective ways to write a great content with some free tools that are easily available.

How-to-Become-a-Master-in-Content-Writing-Using-Free-Tools1 How to Become a Master in Content Writing Using Free Tools

How to Become a Master in Content Writing Using Free Tools and Work as a Professional Content Writer

Everyone wants to be a master in content writing, but for technical reasons, your ideas and creativity could not seem to be as effective as it should be. In that case, what can you do to become a master in content writing?


Why should you read this article: If you are fresh in content marketing, but you like writing articles and want to impress the customer with your killer content without any error, then this article is for you.


You do not need to get expensive equipment or software to write killer content … What do you need? You just need some free tools and definitely! Your killer’s ideas and creativity…

That’s! You are ready to go…


Before writing good content without any errors, you have to understand a few things. If you are a fresher in content marketing then definitely read this article.


As we know, “Content is the king” but if you do not organize your content according to the search engine, writing a great article will not work anyway.


If you are reading this article then I think that you have an idea of writing content. If you do not, then this article will still help you.


 Important things you have to understand in content writing

Content should be unique, don’t copy from anywhere. You can get ideas from others but write it in your own words.

Your content should be plagiarism free; it means it shouldn’t be duplicate content.

Keep appropriate measure of keyword density. According to SEO expert’s keyword density should be 1 to 3 percentage. But I will recommend keeping 1 to 2 percentage maximum.

Your focused keyword should be placed naturally. Don’t put unnecessarily in the content because Google is smart enough to understand your trick.


Before writing content you need to keep a lot of things in your mind but these are some basic and important things you should remember if you are writing SEO based content.


As I said you above, you can become a master in content writing using free tool means whatever you are writing; your approach through writing should be clear and concise so readers can feel easy to understand and take interest to read your whole article.


It may be a good idea to have a topic written by you. If English is your second language and you usually make mistakes then these unique ideas of writing content will be of great help to you.


So let’s start…


First of all, please install the tool that will be necessary to edit the content and remove the error from the content.


Note: Only installing the free tools will not going to work. There are critical things that you need to take care. Otherwise, you will mess up your content drastically. If you want the effective way of writing content correctly then understand each and everything before you using this free technique.


Install Grammarly:

Grammarly is a great tool for editing content from the grammar perspective. It will enhance your writing skills; it will also allow you to write mistake free content.


If you have chrome browser then you can simply add the plugins of Grammarly. Go to chrome web store and type Grammarly. Once you get the Grammarly simply click on add to chrome. You can use it online, whenever you will write anything online line it will automatically show you the error.

CHROME-WEB-STORE-INDIAVENT How to Become a Master in Content Writing Using Free Tools

If you want to use offline then you have to download the OS Version for the desktop.

Grammarly comes with paid and free both. Initially, you can use the free version of Grammarly.  Whenever you write it will assist you very well and it will also help you to replace the wrong word.


If a word should be ‘from’ and you typed ‘form’, don’t worry Grammarly will take care of it. This is how Grammarly work. This is a very effective tool for the content writer.

Install Google translate:


Google translate is by default available in Google Chrome.

GOOGLE-TRANSLATE-INDIAVENT How to Become a Master in Content Writing Using Free Tools


Google translate is a free translation tool, you can translate most of the languages in Google translate. It is a very effective tool if you will use it wisely.


How can you use these two tools for content writing?

If you will use both the tools with the right combination you will be able to write correct and effective content. In order to write the correct and effective content through these two tools, you should know, how to apply in content writing.


Note: These tools will help you to edit your content correctly. Content writing is the combination of ideas, creativity, writing style, and your grammar knowledge. 


Grammarly and Google translate will help you to correct your grammar and sentence formation which can be easy to read and understandable in English or other languages if translated.


What you have to do?

First of all, write your content effectively, once you have done then it’s time to edit your content. We are human and we usually make mistake while writing. If we will publish the content without editing then it may affect the visitor coming to your site. No one likes mistake and it is also a question of your legitimacy as well. The success of any business required perfection. If you are not perfect at your job people may not feel confident in you.


Once your content is ready, Put it in Google translates.  Before that, select the language and start editing.


On the left-hand side of the editing section (where you can put or write) selects English. On the right-hand side select your first language which you have command.


 Example: If you see above in the image. I selected English on the left-hand side and Hindi on the right-hand side.


Now, when you put content on the left-hand side of the editing section Grammarly automatically detect the content and let you know the error. Click on the error and fix it.


Note: Before fixing an error makes sure that Grammarly detect the correct error, sometimes it is suggested word doesn’t fit in the sentence, so be careful. Grammarly is just a tool it helps you to correct but don’t do it blindly.


Once you have fixed the error, now it’s time to edit from Google translate. First of all, check the sentence it is correct or not. In case not, then reverse the translator and edit it through your first language which you have selected. Edit it in your own language then reverse it once again. Now check it once again.


Note: Google translator can only help you to correct you The English language if you have written the correct sentence structure in your own language. Google unable to detect and able translate your native sentence structure. It should be in the standard form of sentence, and then only it will help you to correct the right sentence. Google translator only identifies the grammar-based sentence. If you want to add emotion and feeling through the word which is not fit according to grammar rule then you have to do it on your own.

For example: If you want to write… Buckle up guys… You might get some funny meaning in your native language however in English meaning could be different.


This is tactics is not for professional; if you are a professional writer than I will suggest go for pro version of Grammarly in order to enhance content writing.


If you are a blogger or fresher in content writing then you can apply this technique. This tactic will at least help you to save some dollar and also manage to write mistake free content. Once you become a master in content writing you can buy the paid tool for writing.  


 This tactic for those who don’t want to spend money on writing tools. Let me tell you this is a little time-consuming technique but one thing that for sure If you will use little wisely this will give you a very good result. 



Content writing is not as easy as it seems to be. Nowadays there are a lot of people interested in content writing. When we write a content, a lot of things we need to take care while writing effective content.  We all want mistake free content, our motto always is to be perfect in content writing. Using these free tools you can at least manage to write good content.


If you are a beginner in content writing these tactics will help you a lot. There is no doubt that it is a time taking process but it can be a lifeline to those who have average English language knowledge but want to write content in English. If your English is the second language and usually you make mistake in English then you can try these tactics.

Simply get the Content writing ideas, select the Topics for content writing, once you have done this, use these both the tool for editing, that’s it, you are all set to publish content.


If you like these tactics, please let us know in the comment box. If you have any more innovative ideas which can help others, please share your experience with us after sharing is caring.

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