Best Passive income ideas which can make you rich within less time!

By | August 20, 2018

Everyone wants to earn some extra income without extra effort. When you want some extra cash then you think about passive income ideas. You are going through lots of blog article to making sure to get some ideas which can suit your ability to earn. But sometimes you fail to earn. And at the end, you stop your quest. If you are reading this article then you hit the right place.

Best-passive-income-ideas Best Passive income ideas which can make you rich within less time!

How to get the best passive income idea, which can help you to earn extra cash and you might get rich with extra effort.


Why you should have to read this article: – First of all, I tried to share unique and fresh passive income ideas. The second thing this I used less technical and terminological word. Our purpose is to explain you well, not to fascinate you with the way we are writing. If you follow our guideline then I am sure you will definitely earn some extra cash.

If you think that our article really adds some value to your knowledge then please let us know in the comment box. Your comment will mean a lot to us. Enjoy the article!

 Passive income ideas: Best to earn with no money or less money

Making money is always a challenge for every person, especially for the youth. And making good money seems almost impossible. If you are working right now then you know how hard to earn money but with some planning and strategies, you can make it flexible. My dear readers, If you will take it this article little seriously. Then I can bet my money you won’t be disappointed in terms of earning extra cash.

Before you understand the concept of passive income ideas you should know some basic thing.


Pay attention! After reading this article you will be able to earn some extra cash

If you are thinking how?

Then read this whole article.


Let’s clarify few questions here before you hit the ground.


 What is the meaning of passive income?

Passive income is the income where you are receiving cash flow on a regular basis without any effort by the recipient. In short, a second income opportunity with less effort.

Every individual expert has their own ideas to define passive income but I just made it short and crisp without terminologies words. Hope you understood this definition.

 Passive income definition can be the varying person to person. You can also see the definition of passive income from other websites.

Look at this image:

WHAT-IS-PASSIVE-INCOME-1024x1024 Best Passive income ideas which can make you rich within less time!


How can we prioritize our income opportunity?

Your active income is the first income opportunity and the passive incomes will be your second income opportunity. Now, when we say second income opportunity it means your priority will be less here. Most of the case we give less priority to our passive income ideas. This is only because the opportunity of income is less on the passive income I mean this is we feel .but this is not correct perception if you give an equal priority to both your incomes then you may never know your passive income will become active income. This generally happens to blogger. Most of the blogger do blogging just to earn some extra cash. But as soon as they start earning well. They mostly convert it into active income.


 Why should we focus on passive income opportunities?

To be very frank, Nowadays, people are want to live a luxurious life. And to maintain luxury, you should focus on passive income opportunities. But this is not the only case to think about passive income opportunities. But we have to look the other aspects as well. As we know everything is expensive nowadays. when you want to buy anything you have to look at your pocket first. if your pocket will not allow then you will stop thinking to buy those products. Why you feel helpless to yourself? This is due to only low income, in my opinion, when you go to the mall and you want to buy any product, but due to the income limit, you do not buy. this is wrong.

The day you buy whatever you want, you will be a well-earned person.

Now, I am sure you got the idea why we have to focus on passive income opportunities.


 How will passive income ideas work?

Passive income ideas will only work if you will seriously focus on that. When you start finding passive income ideas you generally look for the easy way to earn. This is only because you don’t want to hamper your active income most of the people think, actively focusing on passive income can result hamper on active income.

Don’t worry, If you don’t want to over-involved in passive income ideas. Then you can plan the whole thing in order to execute. Make a proper strategy which can work better for you. Initially, give less time and then later start investing your more time.


Now we will discuss passive income ideas. We will see what all best the option we can have at this moment. How can we maximize our income with less technical effort?

I will go through each and every aspect of passive income ideas. I will try to share best out of best income opportunities which you can able to do. Second I will also share how these ideas will work.


How to create passive income with no money?

If you live in a big town then you have a number of opportunities that you can try money is floating everywhere only just need some trick to grab it. Just imagine that you don’t have a single penny in your hand then what will you d? And moreover you lose your job as well and no one is taking you for the job. What would be your next move? Either you will end up nothing or you will try to earn. Now you will smartly use your special skill which you have which can help you to earn. Skill can be anything music’s, dance, drama guitar play, writing, painting, anything which you can do easily with less effort. This is where your passive income ideas come into the picture. Your skill and talent are your passive income ideas without money.

Let me give you the example for better understanding. Let suppose you are a good speaker. You speak very well. Your thinking capability is outstanding. Your presentation is adorable. People love the way you speak. What do you think? can you use these skills? I will say yes of course! Why not

You can become a consultant, YouTuber, Adviser, Anchor, and lot more.



Passive income ideas with no money

Passive-income-ideas-with-no-money Best Passive income ideas which can make you rich within less time!


You can become an Advisor:

You can become an advisor, which you have better information about. If people like your advice, they will pay you according to your demand. Whatever you recommend, you must ensure that it adds a value to your customer. You can give ideas to people and charge a few bucks from them. People love to consult for advice. These could be great passive income ideas. 


You can become a content writer

Become a content writer, it can be the best passive income opportunity. Now many businesses need content. If you have writing skills this may be the best passive income opportunity these days.

There are many professionals who keep this profession in active income. If you can write SEO based articles then you can get a lot of work. Online freelance companies such as, Upwork,, and many such companies are able to get you a lot of work.

Most people have asked me in Quora what is the ‘best passive income ideas in India’. According to me, these are very common passive income ideas that may be favorable to any country.

If you want to become a content writer, try writing articles for your local people. You can also promote yourself in social media to get customers. To get a social presence, you can also create free blog sites through Blogspot or WordPress.

Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for good content writers. If you write good content, then you can charge money accordingly.


You can become a YouTuber (stair to become rich without investment)

Nowadays, People are proving themselves in YouTube as a good actor, singer, technical assistant, engineer, a cook and much more. Why not you? Youtube is the great platforms to earn heavy cash. You can be rich within the short span of time. I have seen people who got rich with less work. You just need to do one thing, you have to manage a camera from somewhere. And start shooting your performances.

In order to become a YouTuber, you only need the quality camera. You can use your camera mobile phone and start shooting your best performance.

If you want to edit your videos then you can use the video editor like flimorago. FilmoraGo comes with the best editing feature. You can use it on mobile and desktop both. You can download from playstore. and for the desktop, you need to install his software. In the desktop, you will get more features but for the free version, it comes with the watermark.

If you really want to earn money from YouTube then you have to follow the new guideline. The new rules have been introduced from 2017 on YouTube. Earlier there was a lot of discrepancies happen from YouTuber. So Google has made a lot of changes on youtube.

My dear friends, you can create a lot more passive income with no money.


You can become a freelancer:

Freelance is one of the best passive income ideas to earn extra cash. I have seen people who have selected freelance job as active income. There are vendors (websites) like,, giving you an enormous opportunity to earn. There are companies who hire for virtual assistants. Once you become a virtual assistant by these companies. Your income will be limitless. Sometimes they pay thousands of dollar per week. But every individual has their own special skills. I recommend that you should work according to your capability. Choose the work that you can do better. Do not take any work that you can not do.

You can select a job according to your area of specialization. They have almost all the job opportunities which you can imagine. Once you submit your details.

This is also free passive income ideas. You don’t have to pay anything to become a member of these websites. The best part is that you don’t have to chase your client they will chase you. If they will like your work then they will come again and again. Now you can imagine how amazing are these passive income ideas.


Social network advertising representative:

Social network advertising representative is really one of the best passive income ideas to earn good money. If you have good numbers of followers on the Facebook page or any other social media pages. Then you can allow the advertiser to rent your space in return of money. According to social media engagement. You can charge money as much as possible. Let say you have millions of fans on your Facebook pages and actively participating in your activity. You have an awesome opportunity to charge a good amount from the advertiser. You can also promote and sponsors their ads as well. Trust me guys you can earn very well. Nowadays, everyone wants to promote their products and who have the power of social media they are king. If you have social media pages be active and try to grow and allow the advertiser to promote their product so you can earn.



You can perform an online task to earn some extra bucks:

If you don’t want to do any of these tasks and still looking for passive income then you can try a few online tasks. But let me tell you these online incomes are the very slow method of earning sometimes people get tired and leave it not to trying further. If you are a housewife, student and jobless then you may try this opportunity I am sure must have heard about Ptc sites (Paid to click) and survey sites.

Let me explain you one by one.

PTC site allows you to earned some extra bucks without any hard work. What you need to do you just have to click their ads and participate in other tasks. Just got your job done. But the income is very slow here. And on top of that, there is a lot of PTC scam site is running at this moment. Most of the time people get involved with the fake sites who promise to pay the high percentage. But this not the case. If you look at the legitimate site they have standard payment process but their pay per click is very less. Before you involve in PTC site you should know the fact about PTC sites. You can go for a good PTC site like

CLIXSENSEclixsennse-neobux-scarletclick-buxp-swagbucks-indiavent.com_-120x300 Best Passive income ideas which can make you rich within less time!






A survey is another good passive income opportunity but qualifying in survey always a challenge for the newcomer. When you register for a survey they will ask few questions if you’re not fit for the survey they will disqualify you. But survey pays good money. If you will go for the survey there are several sites that pay $20 to $30 even sometimes more. But they have their own screening algorithm. But I will suggest you can try it. It is not a bad idea to try at least once. You may never know when you will be lucky.


Pay attention here: These passive income ideas are not hard to apply. But before you start. I will suggest you kindly do the deep research.  Because here I am just giving you an idea but you should know each and everything before you hit the ground.


You can sell an eBook:

If you are good at writing and you have a great idea to share, you can sell an ebook online. And, if you are a technically sound person. Then let’s discover the new ideas which people never heard. You can write anything which can add value to your readers. If people will love your book they will come again and again. And will earn good income out of it. This is also one the best online income opportunity these days. And the best part is that you don’t have to invest anything. There number of best online bookselling sites who can allow you to sell your books.

Initially, you can try to sell a small ebook I mean which contained less number of pages. Tag the price little low. If people start to like your book. Then, start creating good books at a high price. Selling an eBook online is also one of the best passive income ideas without hindering active income. You can go to an e-commerce site such as Amazon to sell ebooks.



Passive income ideas with less money

Passive-income-ideas-with-less-money Best Passive income ideas which can make you rich within less time!


You can become a Blogger:

Blogging is one of the hottest trending business at this moment. Every day millions of people are Registering domain names. People are earning very well through blogging. But some of them get success. And some of the bloggers’ have Disappears on search engines.

There is no doubt about it that you can earn money from blogging. There are thousands of the bloggers who all are earning very good income.

If you are the passionate writer then this is a jackpot for you. You can’t imagine how much you can earn. I think blogging is one of the best passive income ideas with less money. However, you can start blogging without money as well but if you will pay a little amount you will get the full access to your work. Whatever you want to do, you can do it as a blogger. Blogging is not only for writing articles. It is a business nowadays. Everyone will see your piece of work. People will appreciate you. They will like your work if you do something unique. If you will share your best ideas people don’t mind to even pay you for your advice. Blogging is one of the best passive income ideas. If you take it seriously then it can become your active online income opportunity.

But let me tell you, it is not so easy as it seems to be.  If you want to become a blogger then make sure you know each and everything about blogging. Only writing an article will not going to help you anywhere. You should know about SEO, which is the second aspect of the same coin.


You can sell software online:

If you are a developer and you know how to design a good software. In this case, you can sell software online this can be a good online income opportunity. Nowadays, high demand for application software allows you earn good money.  But make sure that your software really valuable to someone else. People will only pay you when your software will help them in many ways. Due to high competition, you have to create a very good software according to the industry’s demand.



You can sell a mobile app:

Just like blogging mobile app is also the hottest trending online business opportunity at this moment.

If you know how to design a mobile app then you have a fantastic career in the mobile app business. Being a mobile app developer, you can earn millions by selling mobile-apps. Instead of selling, you can design a valuable app for the user and you can launch it on the Google Play store or other Play-Stores. You can choose it as active income. But if you have a good job in your hand then you can start developing a mobile app as a passive job.


Passive income ideas in India- create opportunity

People in India always try to earn some extra bucks out of their regular income. There is nothing you can do better than these passive income ideas in India. If you really want to earn little extra money you can apply these ideas to earn apart from your regular income.
Apart from these, you can take small micro business as well where you need to invest few our for products such as make Pickle, Agarbatti, or which you love to do. Government is also offering mudra Loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY)  to those who want to start a small or micro business.


There are thousands of online income opportunities which you can do. I can also give you hundred of passive income ideas but that will not be going to work until and unless you have that quality. It would be better if you work according to your ability. And more important is, you need to give the equal priority to both active and passive income.

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Best-passive-income-ideas Best Passive income ideas which can make you rich within less time!
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