Plugins-Importance of the plugin on website| WordPress plugins.

By | April 9, 2017

If you are a newbie then you might be wondering that what is plug-in and how it is important. Why should we use plugins?

Add-heading-4 Plugins-Importance of the plugin on website| WordPress plugins.


In this article, you understand the importance of plugins

First of all, you should know it is a software which helps the user to get additional features on existing installed program. It could be used in a various way. You can use plugin onto your browser to get additional features which not available on your default browser. You can use it to any software which required additional features in order to perform your demand.


History of plugins on Wikipedia.
History Plugins-Importance of the plugin on website| WordPress plugins.


Let’s understand through an example: Plugins-Importance of the plugin on website| WordPress plugins.Audacity is a famous sound editing software. It is very compatible for sound editing but sometimes it required additional features, in that case, Plugins played an important role in order to add the additional feature. Example if you want to export file in mp3 format then you need to install the plugin. The best part is that it is capable enough to add a significant value to your specific software without your effort.

To make it more clear let say you have google chrome browser now you want to manage all your browsing history downloaded file password protection and more other features what will you do? you will do it manually which can consume your time and somewhere there could be a possibility work could not be done efficiently according to your expectation.

Here plugin does all this work under one roof just need to install and that’s it your job is done. This is how it makes your work easier and faster.

It is really important if you are managing number of work manually simply install plugins and it will do it for you

If you have a website then might be aware of plugins. There are people who really confused about plugins and some of us don’t want to install, because of myth about plugins.

The plugin is really important if you have a website especially if your website is designed in WordPress, Blogspot or any other platform. If you are not from technical background then it can boost up your website.

WordPress plugin is very well versed designed to boost up your WordPress website. There are tons of WordPress plugins available on WordPress store.

Now we talk about “plug-in” role in a website, especially on WordPress.

1.Plugins can help you to decrease your workload …. how?
If you installed then you don’t have to do any coding simply activate and get the result.

2.It can save money… how?
There are a number of plugins which design to work according to your website requirement. If you will assign any expert for this then I am sure they might charge heavy amount.

3.It also managed your website very efficiently.
For an example, if you allow your user to comment on your comment box, most of the time spamming spoil your website efficiency.

akismet-300x120 Plugins-Importance of the plugin on website| WordPress plugins.

Plugins called Akismet for WordPress really hold spamming. It filters spam and only allows genuine comment. It also notifies you about the comment without your approval comment will not going to be visible. Google don’t rank on top those websites have lots of spam. So this kind of plugins makes your website smoother faster and better.
There are numbers of similar plugins available, you can choose according to your need.

4.It also helps you not to do any kind of coding.
Exp: if you have a WordPress website and want some changes on your WordPress theme but no option available in order to make those changes. In that case, you need to do some coding. If you are not technical then you can use the plugin to make those changes easily.

5.50% work can be done through plugins.


It will fulfill your demand and expectations without any expert. It can customize and what you are looking for on your website without any coding.

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Add-heading-4 Plugins-Importance of the plugin on website| WordPress plugins.
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  2. Prabhu Ganeshan

    Really awesome article. WordPress plugins help you to add extra features to our site. If we add more than ten plugins it will reduce site loading speed. Therefore whenever add new plugins we must read the plugin manual it helps to understand the pros and cons of the plugin.

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      Installing WordPress Plugins never be a bad idea but you should know your website requirement and install plugins accordingly. Unnecessary plugins don’t require to run your website.


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