Ptc sites: How to avoid scam from ptc sites!

By | January 19, 2017

PTC(Paid to click) site are always an attraction to the youngster, unemployed and those who want to earn some extra bucks. Every day millions of people sign up ptc site without knowing the fact.

PTC-SITES Ptc sites: How to avoid scam from ptc sites!

Ptc site: How to avoid scam from PTC sites!

All the ptc sites are not a scam but most of them are regulated by the scammer. Now it is very difficult to identify which one is legit.

Friend, this article will give you a brief idea about ptc site and how it work and how scammer scams innocent people.

First of all, we should understand what PTC site is and how it works?

PTC (Paid to Click) is an online business model, which is designed to generate heavy traffic for business and also allow a consumer to earn some sort of amount. PTC acts as a middle man between business and consumer. They take money from the advertiser and paid to the consumer after taking their own cut.

PTC site is basically run according to business need there are tons of companies need heavy traffic to their business. The PTC site allows companies to run their ads with low charges. An advertisement is quite expensive on other platforms, so a small and medium scale companies target to run their ads here, though running ads on PTC site always not a good idea because people who click they don’t care about the ads.

In this article, we will talk about some legit site and their technical know-how and also see how scammer scams with their attractive offers.

When we talk about best and legit PTC site, then “Clixsense” always comes on top because of his consistency. It was established in 29-Dec-2006. It comes into the role on February 2007 since then the company still maintains their legitimacy


Now how can we rectify which one is good to go:

First of all, you need to check paid per click which is generally $0.001. sometimes they pay more but it depends on the length of ads. Let say $0.001 for 5 to 10-second ads, it might be possible you will get paid $0.02 for 60 and over second ads.

The legit site always cares about their customer they will have proper help-desk such as support, FAQ, Forum etc. If any site is changing their privacy policy and disclaimer very frequently you consider it as a scam.


These are few genuine and legitimate sites out there which you can consider. Best of my knowledge ill, highly recommend you to go for Clixsense, Neobux, and Swagbucks. Check the service available according to the country.


How can I earn money from these sites?

Earning money is not an easy task, it required your hard work and time. PTC site can only allow you to earn some extra perk. You can earn some decent amount, but it will not eliminate your regular job.

How will PTC help you to earn?

From the consumer perspective, PTC generally run ads which you have to see every day according to their time frame. Generally, ads will be 5 Sec to 60 Sec. Every day they will allocate you 5 to 15 ads it can be varied. You have to watch these ads. Once ad will finish they will ask you select recommended check-mark. For every single ad, you will get some cents, which will directly credit to your PTC site account.

It will also allow you to participate in the survey. Guys, this could be your jackpot if you manage to complete the survey. There is a number of good survey site pays a good amount. For every single survey that you will complete might get 60 cents to $30. Generally, you will get $1 to $5 survey. Completing surveys is not an easy task most of the time you will see that you are not eligible for this survey”.

There few other options also available which can get to earn some more bucks. A direct referral is also a great option to multiply your income.

Direct referral means referring to someone like your friend and family to join under you through your referral link. Once they join, you will get the referral amount. On top of that for every active member, you will also get a few cents when they click their ads.

Grid box, task, offer are few other more option available in order to earn.

Note: This option can be differing on site to site. Before entering the site, kindly understand their terms and condition, privacy policy and disclaimer. Time is valuable to any individual, wasting time without any output is not a good idea.

Join clixsense

Scam sites example:

Orbisbux is big scam site is running at this moment. When you sign up they don’t require much of your information first sign of a scam. Their attractive offers any payout which is highlighted on image second sign of scam

SCAM-300x213 Ptc sites: How to avoid scam from ptc sites!


Once you start clicking ads some of the ads will “say image verification is invalid’ however you will click the right images third sign of a scam.

 orbis02-300x84 Ptc sites: How to avoid scam from ptc sites!


Your account will be activated with 3 euro, but you can’t withdraw. If you want to withdraw, then minimum 100 clicks required or upgrade your plan it means you have to pay from your pocket. Once you complete 100 clicks there next stage come up, it’s necessary to have 10 active direct referrals to request your payment which is the fourth sign of a scam.

When you will read their Term of service, then you find some catchy word or suspicious statements.

See what they have written:

  1. All members on this website have the possibility to withdraw money but we deserve to not pay members if our earnings are less that the expenses or for any reason. Your payments can be completely refunded, except for advertisement purchases. Any advertisement purchases (banners views included) are non-refundable.


  1. For request the first payment you need to click 100 advertisements and you need to get 10 active referrals. Active referrals are counted only for active members calculated by our secret algorithm. We deserve the power to suspend, delete and don’t pay members that will try to cheat our system.

There are lots of signs which indicate their dishonesty. We consider this site as a scam site.

Disclaimer: All these information based on our personal R&D. If anything found or mislead by us kindly email to us at [email protected] motto is to provide correct information to our loyal reader. Kindly update us if you found any incorrect statement on our website.

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PTC-SITES Ptc sites: How to avoid scam from ptc sites!
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Ptc sites: How to avoid scam from ptc sites!
Friend this article will give you a brief idea about ptc site, how it work, best ptc site,how to earn and how scammer scam innocent people.
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