Startup Guide – Important Things To Know Before Starting A Business

By | August 22, 2017

Startup Guide requires: Millions of businesses running for the service of the consumer are just for their benefit. The purpose of the business is almost the same. Making consumers happy by products or services. Now the question is how many businesses actually make profits for their organization. The answer may be less. Why most businesses are present in the market but they do not earn much profit.

Startup-guide-boost-your-startup-knowledge-Indiavent Startup  Guide – Important Things To Know Before Starting A Business

Startup Guide: How to get the success in a startup? how you make a perfect business plan in order to become a successful entrepreneur

Millions of big and small businesses compete with each other. But there are only a few companies who have proved themselves as a successful business. And the rest are struggling to maintain their existence in the competitive market.

Today’s generation is full of talented people but still, the number of successful businessmen is low. The word startup is very popular in the young blood. But the startup is present in only one word, not as a business terminology. Why am I saying this, because a small number of people actually understand how the startup works? When we say business, the first thing comes to our mind and that is the startup. But, how does startup play an important role in successful growth from the business perspective?

Now my question is, do you have a startup?

If your answer is yes, how do you calculate your success rate in the current time? Are you a successful entrepreneur? If so, then you do not need to read this article because you have already received results, but if you are not, this article is very important for you to read.

Why you should read this article: This article will guide how the startup can be an established business but before that, you may consider reading our article how to start a startup.

If you are going to start a business then this startup guide can give you the right direction. With the help of this startup guide, you can improve your business to some extent.

If you have a new startup, you have to keep the following things in mind to make your business solid.

Most people often ignore business strategies. Some small businesses believe that business strategies are for big business only, not for small business. They believe that any business strategies are not required for small business operations.

Small and medium-class businesses often struggle to succeed. This is simply because they usually do not plan their business well. Those who take care of every aspect of business strategies are successful for a long time.

If you are a small business owner and if you want to earn a lot of money, then one thing has to be kept in mind, business requires stability.

Following questions should consider before you start a startup:

Why startup?

Before starting a startup you should know why you are starting a startup. Just to earn better than the job is not enough reason to become successful in a startup. Most of the entrepreneur has some vision and goal to start a startup.  If you have one then you can manage to survive in the competitive world.

How long will it take to create a successful startup?

If you do not know the time, and if you do not know how long it will take to manage the business well, then start working in it. If you have not set any specific time, then you may have trouble going forward. Make a business strategy and set a schedule. Try to know how long it will take to get the business full speed. A successful startup takes a little time, but your strategy should be good. Otherwise, it may take a lot of time.


Will my startup work?

Before starting your startup you should know whether your startup will work or not. Because you only have a business idea. Which does not mean that your business will work? And will help you earn. To start the business, make sure you will do some research. Make some survey for your business, ask the experts to respond to your business ideas?


Am I able to manage a startup?

Most of the time, a person thinks he can run a business without any obstacle. Some people believe that starting a business as a person can be a good idea to manage yourself rather than involve someone else. But, if you are not able to manage your business then you may have to include other people as well. I think it would be better to include some experts in different areas for a better option.


How do I run my startup? With or without investors

A business needs financial or physical support. But when it comes to funding, then the entrepreneur generally gets trapped on it. Rather than finding good investors like angel investor or venture capitalist, they try to use their savings. Always make sure that in any circumstance you will not use your savings for your startup. If you want a fund, then contact the Angel investor or venture capitalist they will help you. I am saying this because the startup comes with risk. If you lose all your funds then you will be stuck in the middle of your goal. If your approach is to succeed in a startup, then you have to move forward strategically.


Is my business idea good enough to be a successful startup?

Before going ahead, make sure that your business ideas have the potential to be a successful startup. If you know that your business will work then you can easily move on. If you have any doubt about your business then I would suggest, that you consult any business advisor who can help you make your business a success.


How will this be the initial stage of my startup plan?

You should know how your business plan will be in the initial stage. If you have a business plan then see how your business is working in the initial phase. And then how will it be in these one-year intervals. In the initial phase, the business plan should be made annually or half yearly which would be better for business.

How can I run my business with a partner (if you have one)?

It is a very common problem with the entrepreneur, which creates a problem in understanding the partner easily. (A) If there is any other partner with you in your business, always make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. (B) If one of you does not agree with each other’s thoughts then ask them to explain the good reason.(C) If more than two partners are involved in business, always discuss weekly plans on every last day of the week. With that, all of you will know what is going to happen next week and how the business will run throughout the week.


Before I land in the business. Should I consider some experts to take a look on my business plan?

If you are not from a hardcore business background and you have not followed any business courses then it would be better to hire some experts who can guide you well. Business requires proper planning and an expert will tell you to execute the business properly.


Am I able to compete with my competitors?

If your business is running in the market, then you have to look at all aspects of the business. You also have to see the opponent’s situation well. Today’s market is full of competition. If you do not do anything new then someone else will do better than you. To maintain the speed, you have to compete. If you are not capable enough to compete with competitors, then develop strategies accordingly so that you can compete with them.

If you get all these answers then you are good enough to start a startup. 

Hopefully, our startup guide will help you understand a bit about the business. We have tried to provide all the information in this startup guide that every entrepreneur needs.


A little help for our dear readers: A related word with startup.

Bootstrap:  Business to build up a business from nothing, with very little money put in from outside

Startup: to bring a business, organization, or project into existence/ A startup is a small company that develops from the beginning.

B2B: Business to Business. Your company sells things to other companies. selling product to only companies/business, not an individual.

B2C: Business to Consumer. Your company sells stuff to the masses. Selling the product to the consumer.

Churn Rate: Annual Percentage Rate on which customers stop service or staff members or employees quit a job.

Exit Strategy: An exit strategy is one of the means of abandoning the current situation of one, either after achieving pre-determined purpose; it has been largely changed to make the campus or decision-makers suitable for any operational scheme, or Hot as a strategy to reduce the imminent or potential failure

Disruptive Technology: A technique that significantly changes the way the business operates. The way disruptive technology companies change their business; the risk of losing the market share can change or become irrelevant.

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