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By | July 8, 2017

Telemarketing scripts always play an important role when the business tries to retain customers or sells any product through cold-calling. Customer engagement with telemarketing has become very difficult now. How to fix these problems?

Hows-your-telemarketing-scripts-should-be-1 How's your telemarketing scripts should be-Indiavent

How your telemarketing scripts should be from business and executive point of view.


Why you should read this article: we will cover some basic and advanced stage of telemarketing hurdles. Every business and individual facing challenges in telemarketing. Telemarketers always try to give their best but for some reason, they fail to meet the company’s expectations. We will cover each and every aspect of telemarketing.


Telemarketing script

It can work very well if you follow correctly, it is for your benefit. Most of the agents use telemarketing script just to deliver their message to the customer. When they use telemarketing script their sound goes flat. 

Telemarketing script allows you to communicate effectively with customers … If you use it in your own way then it will be an effective effort.

Telemarketing is the process of using the telephone to collecting leads, sales, or marketing information. Telemarketing can be a valuable tool for small businesses, in which time and money is saved compared to personal sales, but offers many benefits in terms of direct contact with customers.


Why is telemarketing scripts not working well these days?

Due to high competition in businesses, every company is reaching customers through telemarketing these days. Now, on average, every customer receives 20 to 30 calls per day. Telemarketers try to call and harass them repeatedly using the same script. When customers hear some script-like voices here, they hang the phone instantly. Some issues are not in our hands but some issues can be controlled by following the right things. How we can fix this We will be involved in this article.


How your telemarketing conversation scripts should be 

If you are dealing over the phone then your telemarketing conversation scripts should sound natural to your customers. You need to understand that until and unless you will not sound natural no one will like to talk to you. If your business has a strict statement to deliver to your customer then you should have telemarketing conversation scripts handy but it does not mean that you have to read word by word. Read your script but always sound natural to your customers.


Your telemarketing scripts should have an attractive approach towards the customer

Most telemarketing companies focus only on delivery messages (sales, appointments, surveys, retention, etc.) Due to the high volume of calls, telemarketers read only the script. They are not concerned about the customer.

When you contact the customer, they are not expecting your call. In that case, if your script is focused only on what you need to say instead of what you have to say, the chances of customer engagement will be less. Try to change words and phrases that can help you feel more confident.


Telemarketing agent face difficulties to cope up with the script: How to fix?

Most of the time agents fail to cope with the script. This is only because their trainers try to feed them the same script word which is difficult for them to express in the same way, the way it has written. In that situation, the agents feel less confident and when they talk to the customer, they do not feel confident to handle any calls.

To avoid these issues, instead of copying it, wrap it in your words when you say in your own words, you feel more confident yourself.


Your telemarketing scripts should be in the standard format

Nowadays, the telemarketing (via phone call) approach is not as effective as before. Now the customers are getting attracted by the concept of most digital marketing. Trying to call your customer has become a much-targeted approach, but still, some companies are getting a terrible result through telemarketing. Now, you have to maintain the speed. And go with the flow where high-quality approach will be necessary.

Your script is just the frame of your call. If you want to hold your customer on the phone then you need to create a body of your call which can help you engage the customer efficiently.

Try to include an introduction, context, a purpose of the call, investigation (probing), rebuttal, benefits and features, objections handling, paragraphing and closing. This is the basic requirement for your calling script


Why is first-30-Second important on calls?

I’m sure you must have heard this first-30-second concept through your trainer or other sources. It is specially applied by people from sales. If you want to be successful in sales, then 30 seconds is very important for you. But first-30-second is not only important for sales, but it is important for any telemarketing call.

Your first 30 seconds is actually determined by the customer whether they are willing to talk with you or not. So use your first 30 seconds with your enthusiasm. Your introduction should be small and simple like “Hi, I am Vikash from” or “Hi, my name is Vikash from“. This is just an example. There are many more effective ways that you can experiment.

Always remember, the best way to keep your customers on the phone for a long time is to use short and simple words. Most telemarketing agents believe that using difficult words helps attract customers well. This is a very big myth, even if you are working with countries like Britain, America, Canada, Australia or India, here also the customer just wants to hear their benefits. If you explain to them that you are one of those people who can help them, then it is certain that they will like to talk to you.


Be Short and simple while speaking with Customer

Never think that you will always find a good customer who will listen to you. If you make an impression in your mind even before you make a call, then when you meet tough clients, your moral desires go down.

Most of the times you will have to interact with rude customers, but if you keep yourself calm; you will be able to get them ready to respond appropriately.

While answering the customers, keep it short and simple.

The Key Benefits of Keeping You Short & Simple

  • First impressions, such as the first contact, make a lasting legacy.
  • Less is more: Keeping your words free of chaos makes it easier for you to understand.
  • Being succinct has seen respect for other people’s time and it is always eligible to be appreciated.
  • Quickly build rapport and open a connection.
  • Work like an elevator speech and create opportunities.
  • Leads a powerful impression that makes everyone’s focus.

It’s a good idea to have a few self-intros up to your sleeve, because you don’t want to sound like a broken record and because everybody, every situation, and every day is different.

  • Describe the benefits of what you do for others (not your title or process).
  • Use visual, graphic examples, from which people can easily relate.
  • Tell them your name.

Always speak according to the customer’s mood if you think that the customer is busy, tell them the purpose of your call in less and simple words. If your customers are not interested in hearing you, do not describe your long story. If you help them understand the purpose of your calls briefly, then they may be able to give you a reasonable time to speak in the form of a callback.


Avoid Jargon on your telemarketing scripts

In simple words, Jargon is a technical term as a word that is used by the professional. Most companies use the jargon to communicate internally with their colleagues so that long sentences or terminology can be avoided, which is difficult to understand.

I have noticed that some telemarketers use the same jargon word with their customers, which they use internally with their colleagues. And sometimes the customers experience difficulties in understanding telemarketer messages. For an example: Sir, our TAT is 2 hours, please call us back if your problem is not solved within two hours. Here’s the problem, TAT (Turn Around Time) is something technical that the customer will not understand. Do not assume that the customer is very intelligent and they will understand all the words. Many times customers do not understand anything and they do not even try to ask again. Instead of using these types of words, make it in simple words so that the customer can understand without conflict.

The problem of jargon: why is it important to avoid jargon?

Jargon becomes a problem when it is used by experts to communicate with non-specialists – such as the general public. In this way, words have come to derive such negative feelings.


You may use one-liners on your telemarketing scripts to make it an effective way to communicate with customers

In calling, one-liners generally use to entice the customer. It is especially popular in telesales, some sales use one-liners to make executive negotiations effective, although in the corporate world it is not a proper way to interact with customers. I would like to tell you, if you can use one-liners smartly, it will have a big impact on your telemarketing scripts.

You may use following phases as one-liners in between the script.

  • Can I tell you something personal?
  • Can I ask you something that might come off as weird?
  • Between you and me
  • I full transparency…
  • Can I let you in on a secret?
  • Honestly, I have to ask is this the real problem.
  • Do you mind sharing what you are looking for?

You can use a one-liner while speaking on the phone. But do not try on B2B. It will actually work on B2C. But it is difficult to predict how efficient it is for B2B. If you want to try it then you can there is nothing wrong with using new things.


How to be a great telemarketer?

To become a great telemarketer, your own style of work really matters. Do not Follow Anyone You Can Consider Someone’s Style, Attitude, and Speaking Method. But make sure you use your own approach to contact your customer. Because every person has their own specialty and if you know the potential of your soft skills then I am sure you will do better than others.


What are the best telemarketing scripts?

There are no best telemarketing scripts at all. Best telemarketing scripts are the one which you make your own. But you can follow some of the telemarketing scripts samples.

telemarketing-script-sample-1-683x1024 How's your telemarketing scripts should be-Indiavent




Telemarketing scripts can help interact with the customer. But if you do not use your brain while speaking, then a script will make you the worst on the call. Telemarketing scripts can be used wisely to maximize benefits.

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