YouTube-New rules has been introduced from 2017| Tough to earn now.

By | April 8, 2017

If you are a YouTuber or planning to create a channel in order to earn money on YouTube then you have to read this article. YouTube-New rules has been introduced from 2017| Tough to earn now.

Google and YouTube made some changes.

This article can give you a fair idea what going on YouTube at this moment.


2017 could be a tough year for YouTube and YouTuber both because both of them were earning from the advertiser. Shocking news is that all the big brands pulled their ads from Google and YouTube at this moment.


According to report problem is very tiny… but Google will still take care seriously. Let see what’s “Philipp Schindler” says 

Starting-today-were-taking-a-tougher-stance-on-hateful-offensive-and-derogatory-content- YouTube-New rules has been introduced from 2017| Tough to earn now.


According to “Business Insider” these are the brand pulled their ads from Google and YouTube

List of advertiser

  1. Argos
  2. Audi
  3. Aviva
  4. Havas Group UK froze all of it’s spend. The agency manages major brands including Dominos Pizza, O2, Royal Mail, BBC, and Hyundai Kia.
  5. Heinz
  6. Honda
  7. HSBC
  8. ITV
  9. L’Oreal
  10. Lloyd’s Bank
  11. Marks & Spencer
  12. McDonald’s
  13. RBS
  14. Sainsbury’s
  15. Tesco
  16. The Guardian
  17. Toyota
  18. Transport for London
  19. UK Government
  20. Volkswagen
  21. In the United States:
  22. AT&T
  23. Beam Suntory Inc.
  24. Dish Network
  25. Enterprise
  26. FX Networks
  27. General Motors
  28. GSK
  29. Johnson & Johnson
  30. Nestle
  31. PepisCo
  32. Starbucks
  33. Verizon
  34. Walmart

There are more brands detached their agreement from Google and YouTube. They were no longer associated now. It means that income of yours will also impact if Google will not going to earn however Google trying to keep a balance between user and advertiser both. There is a possibility advertiser will be back again if they fulfill their expectation. If you have a website or YouTube channel this will be going to be tough news to accept especially to YouTuber. If you have a YouTube channel then you might observe that ads are not showing at this moment. Ads percentage is very less. Only established channels are getting ads.

This was happened due to the unethical projection of ads on YouTube. According to, More than 250 brands have split from YouTube after various investigations in the Times of London eliminated the ad placements. Needless to say, brands don’t want their ads being served on YouTube’s most hateful content

According to the advertiser, somewhere is YouTube promoting terrorism, extremism.


Now the question is how you can still be with YouTube and earn money.

First of all, if you are making money from any unethical way please stop it because it’s not only impacting you but others as well.


Now, It has announced that YouTuber channels only received ads if channels total views count increased to 10k. In case of new YouTuber, once they cross their minimum threshold then only eligible for ads on their YouTube channel


Follow these rules:

1.If you have any hate videos kindly delete it because Google will now check everything very seriously.

2.Only upload original content, don’t do copy and paste. Google will also take an action soon regarding these issues.

3.Try to create your content whatever you know best make a video on that but try to make Google algorithm because from now onward Google could make changes to their algorithm.

4 Don’t put unnecessary videos. I have seen there are people on YouTube putting unnecessary videos just to get clicks. Mind it; videos should give some value to the audience. Google also going to check videos randomly to make sure no unethical videos could exist. Google started deleting unnecessary and unethical videos. For more info check Google terms of service

5.Use thumbnail according to your videos contents. Few YouTubers putting a fake eye catching thumbnail to attract an audience which is not good. Google will also penalize for this kind activity please don’t do that if you want to exist on YouTube.

6.Need to take care of copyright contents.


No strategies will work because Google is not getting ads then how they could pop ads on your videos. If you want to earn honestly please do the right thing. I am sure Google will help you.


Google going to strict on their ads projection make sure if you want to earn then follow their proper guideline otherwise Google will delete your channel without any further notification.


Do right and be right for yourself.
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Note– Information is based on news resources. Some of the data and details collected from various websites. Information may change as this just news and some part of awareness involved. Technology updates just to keep audience mind. If anything found incorrect please feel free to update to comment box or you may email to [email protected].

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Summary YouTube-New rules has been introduced from 2017| Tough to earn now.
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